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3 comedy stars U50 – U60 get married young: Wife Tiet Cuong is no less beautiful than her partner “barefoot giants”

After decades of working in the profession, hiding love affairs, Tiet Cuong, Trung Hieu and Huu Nghia suddenly got married in middle age.

Xue Gang

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

The groom wears a gray vest and the bride chooses a youthful, pink ao dai.

Ngoc Thuong is true to the ideal model that the comedian once revealed – good-looking, understanding and cherishing his family. “My sleeping princess in the forest has just appeared. Today, I declare that I will end the days of eating instant noodles and hotpot on the street, now switch to eating at home, everyone.Tiet Cuong happily shares the joy of getting married at the age of 49.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

Close friends of Tiet Cuong such as MC Cat Tuong, actors Cat Phuong, Nhat Cuong… were also present to congratulate.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

In real life, the comedian’s “sleeping beauty” looks as young as a young woman in her twenties, pink and white skin with soft, sexy lines.

Xuet Cuong rose to prominence thanks to programs such as: “Meet the weekend”, “Laughing Gala”,… He won the title of the most favorite comedian “Laughing Gala” in 2003, the best supporting actor HTV Award… Then Tiet Cuong encroached on MC, directed a number of plays and television skits. In addition, he also acted in: “Career guidance”, “The smell of coriander”, “fragile evidence”…

After the wedding, Tiet Cuong continued to participate in acting, gameshow and YouTuber.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

Tiet Cuong is loved for his charming and witty acting.

People’s Artist Trung Hieu

At the age of 46, the director of the Hanoi Drama Theater married a wife 19 years younger. After getting married, the couple is very secretive, rarely sharing about their married life, so the couple’s private life always makes fans curious.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

Trung Hieu and his wife Thu Ha on a happy day.

Recently, on VTV3 “Confessions”, People’s Artist Trung Hieu rarely revealed about married life. Accordingly, he feels that his current family is great, happier and more stable than before. “Getting married is very fun and happy, less lonely. Fortunately, my wife is very sympathetic and understands her husband.”Trung Hieu confessed. Due to the nature of his work, he often works with female artists and interacts with female fans, but his wife understands her husband’s work very well, so she is not jealous. He also thinks that getting married at the age of 46 is still early because he is passionate about many things and has to worry about developing his own career.

Starting as a drama and television actor, in recent years Trung Hieu has been associated with comedy skits and short films every Tet to Spring, typically the role of Mr. “Barefoot Giants” – Comedy movies always reach the top trending, attracting a large number of viewers.

Currently, Trung Hieu actively participates in acting in comedy skits and short films. Recently, he suddenly returned to the drama in “Peaceful Tomorrow”” in the role of Mr. Phat.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

Trung Hieu at the backstage of the movie “Barefoot Giants”


Huu Nghia is a famous comedian in the 1990s and is a close colleague of Quyen Linh, Le Tuan Anh, Le Cong Tuan Anh… Not possessing the same amateurish appearance as a group of close friends, but his acting is appreciated. high price thanks to nature, flexibility. Unlike his colleagues at the same time, Huu Nghia chose to make art quiet and secret.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

Huu Nghia with his wife and son (8 years old).

He didn’t get married until he was 51 years old, thanks to his parents’ matchmaking, but he and his wife were very compatible and understood each other. A year after the wedding, he and his wife had a son named Tran Nguyen Anh Kha. On his personal page, he often shares moments with his family and film projects. He is currently working at Saigon Drama Theater.

Xuet Cuong U50 married a

Male stars share pictures of new projects on their personal pages.

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