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8 tips to restore sensitive skin to a healthier one-Beauty

Saturday, April 16, 2022 11:46 AM (GMT+7)

Want to care for sensitive, easily irritated skin healthier, you can refer to the methods below.

Sensitive or hypersensitive skin often shows signs of skin irritation when applying creams or skin care products, or even mild exposure to sunlight. Sensitive skin often has many problems such as inflammation, swelling, weak skin, etc. Therefore, to restore healthy skin, you should take the following steps.

1. Cleanse the skin well

8 tips to restore sensitive skin to a healthier one - 1

Sensitive skin needs deep cleansing, especially the removal of makeup. If the skin is not clean enough, the remaining dirt clogs the pores, then it penetrates the skin barrier, making the skin more fragile.

2. Always wear sunscreen

All skin types should be protected from the sun, especially sensitive skin. That’s why you should wear sunscreen every day. In addition, applying sunscreen is also a good way to keep the skin healthy.

3. Add moisture to the skin

Moisturizing the skin is like building a protective barrier on the skin because when the skin is adequately hydrated, it creates stronger bonds between cells. This will help keep the skin healthy and not prone to irritation. To replenish moisture to the skin can be done by drinking plenty of water and always using a moisturizing formula suitable for the skin.

4. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin healthy. As we age, the amount of water in our skin also decreases. Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to see the skin of the elderly in a very dry condition. And when the skin is dry, it will lead to allergies. Therefore, it is important to hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water to rejuvenate your skin every day.

5. Eat nutritious food

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What we eat will always affect the health of our body. Therefore, if you want to restore sensitive skin to a healthy state, eat nutritious food by focusing on a variety of foods so that your body receives adequate nutrients. Focus on more vegetables and fruits and avoid fried and processed foods.

6. Check the ingredients of skin care products

For girls with sensitive skin problems, the use of skin care products should be thoroughly checked for ingredients. The ingredients that sensitive skin should avoid in cosmetics are alcohol, fragrance or parabens…

7. Limit exfoliating

For people with sensitive skin, exfoliating the skin is not recommended because it will make the skin irritated and sensitive. Note that after exfoliating the skin, use a gentle skin care product such as a toner or serum.

8. Do not wash your face with warm water

Warm water can irritate sensitive skin, so don’t wash your face with warm water. Even hot or cold water should not be used, but washing your face with normal temperature water will have a better effect on sensitive skin.

Restoring sensitive skin is not easy, but you just need to be careful. In particular, attention must be paid to keeping the skin moist, smooth and healthy. This can be done by drinking plenty of water and always choosing to eat nutritious food every day.

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