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Beautiful 10X female student with excellent GPA of Hanoi National University of Education

Thai Binh is a former student of Ha Tinh High School for the Gifted. She participated in the Ha Tinh Provincial Excellent Student Competition in Literature and won the Consolation Prize in 10th grade and the Second Prize in 12th grade.

Having a dream of becoming a teacher since childhood, during her 3 years of high school, the female student always tried her best to study to be able to enter the Hanoi National University of Education.

Right from her first term at university, she achieved a GPA of 3.92/4.0 and won a scholarship to encourage study with Excellence. The first-year female student also excellently won the second prize in the Pedagogical Competition of the Faculty of Literature in the school year 2021-2022.

“I have no secret but to try every day, correcting the mistakes I made in the exams so that I can gain experience in how to study. And it is important for me to arrange the knowledge and study time reasonably to get the best results.” – Binh said.

Another special thing in Thai Binh is the passion for folk music.

“I don’t understand why I have a liking for Nghe Tinh folk songs, ever since I was a child, when I heard my uncle sing on TV, I fell in love with it. In my spare time, I usually turn on the TV and learn to sing and act along…”, she said.

Thai Binh said that she always pursues the image of a girl who is gentle, knowledgeable, positive, responsible and always looks forward to dedication. Thai Binh promised himself that he would become a very good teacher in the future and make many contributions to the profession.

“The motivation that helps me to try so much is first of all, my family and friends have always encouraged me and beside me when I need it, moreover, I also want to become the best version of myself, a useful person. for society, so I’m still trying every day.” female students share.

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