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‘Brilliant Night’ revenue goes upstream

“Brilliant Night” – a film about a family’s tragic funeral – reversed the flow of revenue, doubling its screenings.

A representative of CJ – the distribution unit – said that on April 15, the film earned 12 billion dong, becoming the second highest-grossing independent work of all time in the country (after the film). Rom – 63 billion VND). Release date 8/4, Brilliant night only 475 screenings. On the third day, it increased 96% compared to the second day.

Movie "Brilliant night" reveal the tragedy in the middle of the funeral

Trailer for the movie “Bright Night”.

A week after its release, the work has now reached nearly 1,000 screens per day. On April 14, the film’s daily sales exceeded Magical Creatures 3 (Dumbledore’s Secrets) – Hollywood blockbuster, even if it’s only half the screening. Currently, the work competes with foreign films in theaters this week, such as Jujutsu Kaisen 0: War Spell, Bizarre Temple 3

Director Aaron Toronto said 12 billion dong may not be high compared to entertainment movie revenue, but it is meaningful for independent films – which are difficult to reach the mass audience. In the early days of screening, the director was worried when he saw the film’s revenue. He said, “When I see the work make progress at the box office, I feel more relieved and hope the film will soon reach breakeven.” The team deducts 3% of revenue to support the Vietnam Children’s Fund.

The success of Brilliant night mainly thanks to word of mouth effect, because the film does not have a famous cast, the topic is picky about viewers. After the film was released, on many forums and fanpages, viewers gave positive reviews about the script with a series of rushed and natural episodes. Composer Hamlet Truong wrote: “Acting in this movie is a big plus. At times, I thought the character was someone living in my real-life neighborhood. In the midst of many events related to depression, Nha Uyen’s character attracted my attention from the beginning of the film”.

The minus point of the movie lies in the unnatural dialogue. Due to the fast-paced story, many details are not reasonable. The end of the film was considered inadequate by many viewers. Above VnExpressthe film was rated by viewers with a score of 7.3/10.

Poster for the movie A Brilliant Night.  Photo: CJ

Poster for the movie “Bright Night”. Image: CJ

The film is encapsulated in a night of mourning for the family of Mr. Toan (Kien An). He has three children: Kim Hoang (Vu Xuan Trang), Xuan Thanh (Nha Uyen) and Kim Bao (Kim B). The three return home for the funeral of their grandfather after many years of not seeing each other. Each person has a different situation: depressed, recently divorced a rich husband and won custody of his daughter, ran away from home, was addicted to drugs… In the middle of the funeral, Mr. Toan confessed that he owed a lot of money and needed to be paid before 6am the next morning. after so as not to be killed by the gangsters. The children pushed each other because each of them had their own kinks. The evening became a ticking time bomb for Toan’s family.

Director Aaron Toronto – American, lived in Vietnam for 16 years – studied the funeral customs of the South many years before making the film. Aaron was inspired to make his debut after seeing the movie adaptation of the play Long Day’s Journey into night by Eugene O’Neill. The work is about a night in a family whose mother is addicted to painkillers. When members gather, relationships are deepened, exposed, leading to conflicts.

Aaron Toronto with his wife - Nha Uyen at the movie premiere on April 5 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Hong Ngan

Aaron Toronto with his wife – Nha Uyen at the movie premiere on April 5 in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Hong Ngan

Aaron’s wife – actress Nha Uyen – plays the main character and screenwriter of the work. At the time of filming, she was eight months pregnant. In early March, the film won two awards Best story (Excellent Story) and Best performance: female (Best Actress) for Nha Uyen at Santa Fe – an independent film festival in the US.

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