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Cao Cao directly killed Hua Tuo, 12 years later Wei King regretted it

Saturday, April 16, 2022 10:50 AM (GMT+7)

The reason why Cao Cao killed Hua Tuo is still a controversial issue.

According to the work “Three Kingdoms performed” and folk legend, Cao Cao had a headache, so he invited Hua Tuo to come for treatment. The famous doctor suggested Cao Cao do a head surgery, open the skull to remove the disease so that the disease can be cured. However, Wei Vuong not only disagreed, but also killed Hua Tuo, even Jia Xu’s advice was useless.

The image of Hoa Da in “Three Kingdoms performs meaning”

In 1994, “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” was a very successful TV series adapted from one of the four famous Chinese novels. The work has a monumental scale with a cast of more than 1000 people and thousands of other supporting actors. The total investment cost is up to 170 million yuan (more than 611 billion dong) for 84 episodes and made within 4 years.

Cao Cao directly killed Hua Tuo, 12 years later Wei Vuong regretted it - 1

Shaping the character of the medical god Hoa Da by Vuong Trung Tin in the 1994 version of “Three Kingdoms”.

In the work, besides the wise men, heroes, and geniuses, there are outstanding talents who are proficient in many fields. Among them, Hoa Tu – the famous medical god is considered a typical character. Veteran actor Vuong Trung Tin has successfully transformed into a famous medical character of the Three Kingdoms period. Not only that, he also played the role of Phuc Hoan and Tan Mi in the movie. His roles are all very well performed. Vuong Trung Tin always brings the character’s soul into each role, contributing significantly to the success of the work.

Video: Scene of Hua Tuo shaving bones to get poison for Guan Yu

In “Three Kingdoms performed”, Hoa Tu is known mainly for treating Guan Yu’s illness. Specifically, at that time, Quan Vu was poisoned by an arrow, so he invited Hoa Da to treat him. Because the poison had penetrated into the bones, in order to cure Quan Vu, the medical god decided to operate to remove the poison while Guan Yu was still calmly playing chess.

Although the medical equipment at that time was still simple, there was not even a sterile operating room, but Hoa Tu was still able to successfully conduct the surgery for Guan Yu. This also contributed to his reputation. According to the records, Hua Tuo is also famous for his superior anesthetic technique using a mixture of alcohol and herbs, known as Ma Phi Can. This is indeed surprising because 1,600 years later, Westerners applied the technique of anesthesia during surgery.

Why did Cao Cao kill Hua Tuo?

Cao Cao directly killed Hua Tu, 12 years later Wei Vuong regretted it - 2

Hua Tuo acupuncture treatment for Cao Cao.

Among the famous patients of Hua Tuo, Cao Cao is perhaps the most special character. At that time, Cao Cao suffered from a severe headache and had to seek medical treatment after trying many ways without success. Thanks to Hoa Tu acupuncture, Cao Cao’s headache also gradually decreased. However, this chronic disease is not completely curable.

After examining Cao Cao’s condition, the famous doctor said that the cause of the disease was a growing tumor in the brain that could not be treated with only external drugs. The only way to cure it is to use anesthetic, use an ax to cut the head, open the skull to remove the tumor. Having a skeptical personality, Cao Cao, when he heard Hua Tuo’s suggestion, was very angry, thinking that the god of medicine had a malicious intention to kill him, so he arrested and killed him in prison.

The novel “Three Kingdoms interpreting” focuses on exploiting Cao Cao’s suspicion, so the cause of Hoa Tu’s death is described somewhat inaccurately by author La Quan Trung. According to “The Tale of the Later Han Shu and the Tale of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, the Book of the Technique”, Cao Cao had a serious “leprosy” which proved that the fact that Wei Vuong had a headache was completely real.

Video: Canh Hoa Tu (Vuong Trung Tin) offers a “craniotomy” plan to cure Cao Cao (Bao Quoc An) but is sent to prison by Wei Vuong.

After treating Cao Cao for a while, Hua Tuo found many ways to buy time by using an excuse to forget the medicine book, and have to go home to get it to continue healing. However, after returning home, this medical god did not want to return but continued to use the excuse of his wife’s illness to stay in his hometown.

The reason why Hua Tuo hesitated was that he wanted to take advantage of his illness and force Cao Cao to give him an official position and improve his position. Although he was a famous doctor, at that time doctors like Hoa Tu were not respected, always ranked in a low position. That is also the reason why he always wanted an official position for himself. Unfortunately, Hua Tuo made a big mistake in pursuing her dream of becoming a mandarin. In the end, that mistake cost him his life.

Cao Cao directly killed Hua Tu, 12 years later Wei Vuong regretted it - 4

In fact, Hua Tuo was killed for disrespecting Cao Cao.

After many times writing letters to invite Hua Tuo to return to continue his medical treatment but failed, Cao Cao sent local officials to the place, but the famous doctor still used the reason that his wife was sick, so he hesitated to leave. Because he was so angry, Wei Vuong immediately sent someone to Hua Tuo’s house to check the truth to see if Hua Tuo’s wife was really sick or not. Sure enough, his wife was not sick, the god of medicine was immediately imprisoned and ended his life in prison.

After Hua Tuo died, Cao Cao’s headache was still incurable. Wei Wang still says: “Only Hua Tuo can cure my illness but that old man wants to take the opportunity to treat me to improve myself, even if I don’t kill him, he won’t cure me.” It was not until 12 years later, when Cao Chong died of illness, that Cao Cao bitterly admitted his regret for killing Hua Tuo, so that now his son must also lose his life.

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