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China launches live-streaming and short video ‘purification’ campaign

China launched a two-month campaign to purge live-streaming and short video activities. (Photo: CGTN)

Department Cyberspace Management China said that in the beginning, the focus of the campaign will be on correcting content that is pornographic, bad, weird, views, shocking, fake, vulgar and promotes gambling. This is considered part of a plan to promote legal and appropriate content on online platforms in China.

China’s move shows growing concern over the companies, organizations and individuals behind much of the viral content on social media in the country.

In 2021, China launched a “special campaign”, removing more than 1 billion online accounts and thousands of websites believed to be problematic to clean. Internet environment to ensure that online content reflects the country’s social values.

China opens a campaign to purify live-streaming and short videos - Photo 1.

In 2021, China will remove more than 1 billion online accounts and thousands of websites that are believed to be problematic. (Photo: Reuters)

According to a statement by the Cyberspace Administration of China, the two-month special campaign will target companies with multi-channel networking (MCN), short videos and live streaming. Accounts that post illegal content will also be targeted by the authorities.

The agency will investigate content creators who do not declare income to evade taxes, as well as live streaming and short video platforms related to content creators’ non-transparent earnings.

According to Reuters news agency, the inclusion of multi-channel network companies in the campaign to clean up the Internet environment highlights the growing concern of the cyber regulator with the companies behind the content that is spreading. on Chinese social media.

These companies tend to manage many famous, influential people online. In recent months, these celebrities have also come under scrutiny for issues like tax evasion.

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