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Comprehensive digital transformation, targeting leading digital businesses

A journey of 29 years of pioneering, confident in digital transformation

April 16, 1993 is a memorable day for VMS Mobile Company and Vietnam’s telecommunications industry when MobiFone – the first mobile network in Vietnam was established.

At the time MobiFone came into operation, mobile communication was still an unfamiliar concept to most consumers, with a small number of subscribers, limited coverage, and expensive charges and terminals.

The new MobiFone network has only one switchboard with a capacity of 2,000 numbers with 7 transceiver stations (BTS) in Hanoi and a 6,400-digit switchboard with 6 BTS stations in the southern region, covering 4 localities in Ho Chi Minh City, Bien Hoa, Long Thanh, Vung Tau.

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With up-to-date thinking, MobiFone has pioneered cooperation with Comvik, the world’s leading corporation from Sweden to build a quality infrastructure platform, effectively exploit the network, step by step. bringing mobile phones from a “luxury” service to an affordable service.

In the process of development, in the face of competition from new carriers, MobiFone focused strongly on improving service quality, targeting customers as well as finding ways to solve investment problems with determination to affirm the first position in the market. wind.

After 29 years of development, MobiFone has firmly established itself as the leading mobile network in Vietnam with 35,000 4G stations, 4G coverage reaching nearly 100% of the population, 4G equipment in major cities has been upgraded to be ready for deployment. Commercially launching 5G network in 2022, fiber optic cable network reaches more than 120,000km spanning 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

Facing the rapid changes of market technologyIn the global economy as well as being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation still successfully completed its tasks and strategic goals.

MobiFone has been in the Top 500 State-owned enterprises in a row in terms of payment to the State Budget, was honored in the Top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam for 2 consecutive years, and is also one of the 3 telecommunication enterprises in Vietnam. the most profitable channel in 2021.

Firmly transform digitally, targeting the leading digital enterprises

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After a journey of nearly 3 decades, aware of its mission of being a pioneer in the nation’s digital transformation, MobiFone has completed building a community strategy for a 5-year period, with a vision to 2030. , with a customer-centric orientation, includes 6 main areas: Product development, infrastructure, data, internal management, customer service and corporate culture. For corporate culture, focus on 3 areas: Digital infrastructure, digital platforms/solutions, digital services.

Accordingly, MobiFone determined to make a breakthrough to become one of the leading enterprises in the country in digital technology.

Regarding digital infrastructure, MobiFone is determined to develop a 5G network with the position of a leading enterprise in the Vietnamese market.

Regarding digital platforms/solutions, MobiFone aims to fulfill the mission of a core enterprise in deploying and developing 15 national platforms.

The corporation will also research and develop a comprehensive ecosystem: identity, electronic payment, training, healthcare, agriculture, tourism, smart city, business colleges, etc., integrated with technologies. as modern as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, biometrics, IoT… to create superior products to provide to government, society, businesses and people.

Regarding digital services, now MobiFone has been licensed to provide digital signature authentication services, payment intermediaries, mobile money, e-invoices, OTT television and content services on telecommunications networks.

The Corporation’s representative affirmed that MobiFone has always been aware of the mission of being a pioneer in building digital infrastructure and digital platforms, considering this as a breakthrough solution to promote the national community.

Contributing important “bricks” in that process, enterprises have now completed a set of solutions dedicated to the Digital Government with 9 detailed software implementation projects including: E-Government Portal, Financial Management System electronic data, electronic information storage…

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In particular, a number of high-end solutions with high technology content are also ready to be deployed such as: Electronic social information base, Smart broadcasting system and electronic personnel management system.

Accompanying CDNs, MobiFone and digital businesses have signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Information and Communications to participate in the support network for small and medium-sized enterprises. MobiFone participates in the program with a series of affiliate platforms for SMEs such as: MobiFone Smart Office Platform – Electronic Office Solution, MobiFone Smart Sales Platform – Smart Sales Solution, Online Meeting Platform new generation online – MobFone Meeting, Electronic Invoice Platform – MobiFone Invoice, Smart Travel Platform, MobiFone Money Platform to support businesses…

These are all excellent digital platforms of MobiFone that have been recognized by the market with positive figures in terms of revenue, growth and users.

MobiFone’s efforts to deploy affiliates have been recognized with awards and titles from many prestigious organizations: Top 10 Vietnamese IT enterprises for 3 consecutive years 2019-2021; Top 50 IT enterprises in Vietnam 2018; Many products have won the Sao Khue Award for 3 consecutive years from 2019 to 2021.

In 2021 alone, MobiFone has received more than 20 awards in the IT field.

In the context that many Vietnamese businesses are “struggling” to reach out to their fans, the leading technology “leaders” with sharp strategies and methodical technology platforms like MobiFone are expected to play a key role in the business. market leadership.

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