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Danger of 18+ application scams and rampant advertising on social networks

There have been many people, especially among teenagers, who, caught off guard, tried to access and lose money.

Anh Viet was accessing Facebook when he saw an ad showing an 18+ application, free of charge. Curious, he tried it. The content of the application is the image of sexy dressed girls to participate in gambling games. Suspected fraud, he ignored.

However, many people are not as lucky as Mr. Some people also see 18+ apps when they go to Facebook and click on pictures of girls dressed in offensive clothes, inviting “please recharge, buy coins to be able to make video calls…” or “I’m alone Come to me”. They made a deposit but the app didn’t give back the coins and completely lost the money.

Danger of 18+ apps, spreading advertising fraud on social networks - Photo 1.

Many people lose money when clicking on the application 18+

There are a bunch of 18+ apps rampant on social networks. Only 1 app has had more than 1 million downloads and received a series of complaints, negative comments, 1 star rating on Google Play Store. And at the highest level is removed from the app store.

Almost all 18+ apps require users to recharge to be able to video call with girls’ accounts. Many of them are full of virtual accounts that trick users into making deposits but do not return coins, or do not make calls as promised. Experts recommend that, due to sensitive issues, some people have been silent when losing money and many people still fall into scams. Therefore, users need to absolutely not access strange applications, because the risk is very large.

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