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FPT presents the solution ecosystem to promote the digital economy

FPT has just demonstrated a comprehensive digital transformation solution ecosystem for governments at all levels and businesses of all sizes at the Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum.

Specifically, this ecosystem includes platforms, solutions, products and services developed on the basis of core technologies including AI, Blockchain, Cloud, IoT and Lowcode, capable of being widely applied in many fields. many key areas such as e-government, transportation, healthcare, banking financetelecommunications, education, manufacturing…, used and appreciated by thousands of organizations and businesses of all sizes and fields at home and abroad.

FPT demonstrates the solution ecosystem to promote the digital economy - Photo 1

FPT has just demonstrated the solution ecosystem to promote the digital economy at the HCMC economic forum


The most prominent and attractive exhibition booth of the corporation technology is the digital transformation solution for the government: FPT.eGOV 4.0 and FPT.eDistrict. This is a set of solutions for e-government at all levels, from provinces/cities to districts/districts, including IT applications and solutions to help leaders, businesses and people solve all problems when building and developing e-government, towards building digital government.

Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the units that is successfully applying this set of solutions is District 7, Ho Chi Minh City with the product Command Center for Disease Prevention and Control. Covid-19 and economic recovery in District 7. During the period of anti-epidemic and economic recovery, this model has been highly effective, helping the district collect the budget in October 2021 equal to the whole of the third quarter. Currently, outside of District 7, products are application in Binh Tan district and some localities outside HCMC.

“In the period of 2022 – 2023, FPT continues to improve to turn the command center model into an e-government and smart city solution throughout, widely applied to districts in Ho Chi Minh City. private sector and many other provinces through two applications of Online Civil Service and Online District”, emphasized the FPT representative.

In addition, the participants in the program also had access to Base.vn’s argument transfer technology – the platform corporate governance The most popular in Vietnam today with more than 100 digital transformation solutions based on the latest technologies AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Digital signature… suitable for businesses in all regions.

FPT demonstrates the solution ecosystem to promote the digital economy - Photo 2

Visitors to FPT’s digital transformation solutions


Besides, FPT.AI product group includes Chatbot; Virtual assistant switchboard; FPT.AI Reader – extracting information from images, eKYC – electronic customer identification also attracted the attention of many businesses and organizations at the event. These products are currently used and appreciated by a series of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and many provinces in Vietnam in general, in optimizing operating costs and minimizing effort. workersmaximize customer care experience, become a pedestal for thousands of businesses to break through and transform.

Also at the event, as Chairman of Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa – General Director of FPT Corporation – led a discussion on the topic of digital transformation for businesses, “Digital transformation is not about buying and applying technology solutions, but about comprehensively changing the operating model based on three factors: increasing customer experience, automating processes, and business orientation,” said data-driven business. From there, new innovations and business models will emerge and make a difference,” said Mr. Khoa.

Currently, in Vietnam alone, FPT is consulting and supporting 40 provinces and cities to develop digital transformation strategies, training to change digital transformation awareness. The Group has also just signed a contract of 40 million USD in two years for the Government Singaporeto develop a digital country model.

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