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Hot TikToker called Lisa VN reacts to fans about sensitive things, the words of young idols?

From the beauty story

Known as an idol on the platform “Tot Top”, Ciin, also known by another name, Lisa Vietnam, once surprised netizens with her excellent and choreographed dance performances. And yet, the frames of her on the TikTok screen also make many viewers praise her beauty.


However, like many other faces on this platform, Ciin is also entangled in controversies when appearing on television as well as in real life. Many people think that Ciin’s beauty is not the same as what the audience sees on the Tot Top platform. This is one of the first and most prominent noises of “Lisa Vietnam” recently, although she has made up and done her hair, but without a filter, this difference is not difficult to notice. .

From television to the gameshow Queen of War and even appearing in DatKaa’s MV as the female lead, Ciin’s beauty is a controversial topic for the online community.

Until how to react to CMO

After the incident about the beauty controversy on social networks, Ciin has responded to netizens, who are directing criticism of this hot TikToker: “If I can’t protect myself, I’ll throw it away. Anyone who comments, I’ll listen to and thank. Who else curses me, I swear back.”. Ciin’s reaction is completely understandable, but many people are still surprised by the way that Ciin uses words that are a bit excessive, especially given his status as a celebrity on the internet.

The idol

After that, the idol “Tot Top” also had a rather long post on his personal page with an urgent attitude: “I’m not Lisa Vietnam then I say I’m not Lisa VN. I’m not Lisa VN but I’m a fan and I have the right to love my idol, I have the right to follow the style and image I like or I like. Whether you feel the same or not is up to you. Don’t say things like: “Don’t claim to be Lisa VN but try to be like Lisa”. That’s what you see yourself, how about trying? Can you guys try the same??? Or I can’t have bangs anymore, can’t dye my hair a light color anymore, or get my face fixed and stop dancing so there’s nothing to do with it, will you be satisfied?????”


It is not difficult to see that the comparison of real beauty and on TikTok has made “Lisa Vietnam” feel angry. As said in a recent article: “Actually, Ciin is not the only case that appears on TikTok and shows the difference in real life, these are all products due to the widespread use of filters today. on social media platforms or editing apps.” – This problem is not entirely exclusive to “Lisa Vietnam”. minh-chui-lai-20220416234859414.chn

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