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How effective is the eunuch’s true martial arts?

In the novel Tieu Arrogant Gypsy by the late writer Kim Dung, the most terrifying and profound scholar is Quy Hoa Bao Dian. This is a martial art created by a eunuch, Dong Phuong Bui has become undefeated thanks to this martial art. Although he has never entered the palace to be an eunuch for a day, in terms of physical appearance, Dong Phuong Bui is not much different from the eunuch. In Loc Dinh Ky good eunuch Hai Dai Phu was described by Kim Dung as a master with profound martial arts in the court.

How effective is the eunuch's true martial arts?  - Photo 1.

Dong Phuong Bui trained Quy Hoa Bao to become a top player. Photo: Sohu

In Saying the hero, who will be the hero of the author Wen Thuy An, the person with the highest martial arts is Me Cong, who is also a eunuch.

In the movie works, the eunuchs with high martial arts are Cao Thieu Kham, Vu Hoa Dien, Gia Kim Cuc…

All of the characters mentioned above are not without powerful martial arts and wickedness. So is the eunuch really so beneficial?

In Chinese history, there are many famous eunuchs who have been “acquainted with names” such as Trieu Cao, Truong Nhuong, Ly Phu Quoc, Wei Trung Hien, Ly Lien Anh…

However, posterity’s general image of these people is not a very good impression such as a cunning mind, a crooked tongue, not a high-powered martial art.

In the early Ming Dynasty, Dong apprenticed a workshop, abbreviated to Dong workshop, was specially founded by Minh Thanh To Chu Di in 1420 and allowed this organization to set up a branch next to Dong Huamen of Yen Kinh (i.e. Beijing. nowadays). Capital ascending the throne by robbing his nephew’s throne, Minh Thanh To was as suspicious as Minh Thai To, so in order to suppress opposing political forces, this emperor decided to establish Dong Xuong.

How effective is the eunuch's true martial arts?  - Photo 2.

The Eastern Workshop is a special agency to suppress political opposition. Photo: Sohu

This is a secret agent agency, in charge of the inner court, responsible for overseeing all from the cabinet to the army, officials, intellectuals, scholars, and all government authorities. family. As a result of this supervision, if a minor crime is investigated, the Dong Workshop has full authority to handle it, without having to submit it to the judicial authority. Given the heavenly authority, the Eastern Workshop could interrogate any noble prince.

When Chu Kien Tham succeeded him, he founded another Western workshop with the same nature and function as the Eastern workshop.

However, the subjects who really knew martial arts and were in charge of assassinations and arrests were “prisoners” – people who belonged to the Cam Y Ve team and had no background as eunuchs.

How effective is the eunuch's true martial arts?  - Photo 3.

In cinematic works, there are many eunuchs possessing high-powered martial arts. Photo: Sohu

During the Qing Dynasty, the court also had an army of eunuchs called Kieng Dung eunuchs. According to historical documents, out of 500 eunuchs working at Vien Minh Vien, up to 60 people know martial arts, known as Kieng Dung eunuchs six ten names.

In 1860, the Anglo-French coalition attacked Vien Minh Vien, and 20 eunuchs, under the command of the Battalion leader, fought with the spirit of “not afraid of danger, try their best”, injuring many officials. enemy troops.

However, this action was just like “taking eggs to fight stone”, in front of the large number of imperial troops, these 20 eunuchs died heroically.

In fact, Chinese history has also recorded many cases of martial arts coming from eunuchs.

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