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How to grow grapes on the terrace

In two years of growing grapes, Mr. Nguyen Giau successfully conquered 12 vines, belonging to 5 different varieties.

Supplies needed

– Planting containers: Plastic containers with a capacity of 150-200 liters, perforated on the side, 5 cm from the bottom of the barrel.

– The planting platform is about 2.4 m high to facilitate future care.

– Fertilizers: Worm manure, chicken manure, fish manure, synthetic fertilizer and specific NPK.

– Biological plant protection drugs: Prevention of fungi and pests

Vine when young.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

Vine when young. Image: Nguyen Giau

Choose varieties

– Seedlings for planting must be vine grafted on the base of wild vine, so the root system of the plant will grow stronger. You should not choose vines that are too old, have poor growth and development, leading to reduced yield and later life of the tree.

Preparing the soil for planting: Mix a mixture of 60% clean soil, 40% rice husk ash, coconut fiber, peanut shells, add a little lime, vermicompost, mix the mixture well, spread a layer of tricodema on the surface and water it with enough moisture, cover tightly. incubation 7-10 days can be planted.

Planting and caring for vines

– Plant the tree in the barrel so that the top layer of the potting soil is level with the soil layer in the box, plug the poles to fix the base and top to avoid being pushed by wind and rain to hurt the graft, water a sufficient amount of water.

– After observing the tree to add new leaves, fertilize periodically every 10-15 days during the growing process, the dose of fertilizer depends on the age of the tree and the number of branches and leaves that the tree is nurturing.

The vine is almost fully climbed when climbing.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

The vine is almost fully climbed when climbing. Image: Nguyen Giau

– Proceed to remove the plastic wrap around the graft when the tree reaches a height of about 0.8 meters or when the graft shows signs of abnormal swelling during the growth of the tree, this depends on the early or late grafting of the seed supplier.

– Regularly prune the small branches arising during the process of climbing the tree, leaving only a single main stem and cutting off the old leaves below as well as observing the signs of pests and diseases for timely handling.

Create canopy for trees

– About 2 months after planting the vine will climb to the top of the truss, the tree has now reached a height of about 2 meters.

– When the vine has climbed over the top of the truss 0.8 meters, cut the grape stem adjacent to the truss surface to recruit level 1 branches.

– 7-10 days after cutting the branches, the vine will sprout, choose 3 healthy branches, evenly distributed in the direction of level 1 branches.

– When the level 1 branches have reached 0.8-1 meter in length, continue to cut back to the 50 cm position to get the level 2 branches, each level 1 branch should leave 2 level 2 branches (so the vine will have all the branches). all 3 branches level 1, 6 branches level 2).

– Vines grown on the terrace can start to produce the first off-season on the cutting position of level 2 branches.

Black currant 126 to the date of harvest.  Photo: Nguyen Giau

Black currant 126 to date of harvest. Image: Nguyen Giau

Cut branches to size the tree

– After the level 2 branches have reached a length of over 1 meter and begin to turn brown, proceed to select the strongest sleeping sprouts on each branch, the cutting position is just above the sleeping sprout position. cm.

– Apply fertilizers, especially potassium-rich fertilizers, right after cutting to support the tree’s budding, flowers will follow in new branches.

– Grape flowers are clustered, very small at first, but will grow quickly and bloom after about a month from cutting.

– During the flowering stage, it is necessary to fertilize with adequate nutrients, especially potassium and calcium to support fruit set and limit the loss of young fruit.


– About 2 months after fruiting, ie more than 3 months after cutting the branches, the grapes will be ripe, need to continue to add nutrients to sweeten the fruit.

– You need to limit watering so that the fruit does not rot when ripe, you can add calcium to make the fruit skin more sturdy.

– If it rains for a long time, you should cover and cover the mouth of the pot to limit the amount of water that the plant will absorb.

– Harvest when the grapes reach the maximum ripeness depending on the variety, the best quality will be achieved.

Nguyen Giau

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