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‘I really admire my girlfriend’

Seachains real name is Huynh Long Hai, born in 1995, in Can Tho. He used to work for PB Nation of singer Phuc Bo. After that, he separated to work as a freelance rapper and released many songs including “Slow Down” (2018), “Fourteen hours five” (2019), “Anh 17” (2020), “I’m Alright” (2020),…

For more than 10 years pursuing rap music, although he feels discouraged at times, he still perseveres with his passion. He once confided that his great motivation was his family, especially his mother. When he was alive, his mother wanted him to appear on a TV show. Therefore, he came to Rap Viet to fulfill his mother’s wish. After a long journey with many sublime performances, Seachains has excellently become the Champion of Vietnamese Rap season 2.

Closing a journey, Seachains still has broken emotions, but has plans for the future. VOV.VN reporter had a conversation with Seachains about changes in life as well as the next musical journey.

Mom only gave me 3 years to pursue success with rap

– It’s been more than a month since being crowned the Vietnamese Rap Champion Season 2, how are Seachains’ feelings now?

I am still very happy and lightheaded. The moment my name was called, the first feeling was surprise because right from the casting, I didn’t think I would go this deep and win. Then I was happy, at that time my phone vibrated continuously because people watched it live, heard the news immediately called to congratulate, the inbox almost exploded. To this day, I still have not replied to the congratulatory messages.

– After becoming the champion, how has the life of Seachains changed?

There are many changes. The first is about appearance. After becoming the champion, I seem to be so happy that I ate a lot and gained about 5-6 kg. The second change is in financial matters, I have more shows, go to more shows and also be invited to collaborate on many projects. Thanks to that, I have extra income besides the bonus to fix my father’s house. In the next few years, if I am more successful, I will build a new house for my family. But perhaps the most special thing about becoming the champion is that my family and friends are very proud of me.

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– Before joining Rap Viet, did your family support Seachains to pursue the rap path?

Before that, my family kind of didn’t support but also didn’t prohibit it, because my parents took care of me. When I was alive, my mother used to tell me “I will give you 3 more years, if you do not achieve certain success, then switch to another, more stable job.“. It was my mother’s words that motivated me to try to assert myself more. During that time, I spent my time making music, not caring about the future… And now I want to show my mother that “I did it”. The championship trophy is a reward, an important milestone marking the days of efforts that have paid off.

“I was disillusioned”

– Long before today, how did Seachains come to rap?

I also came to rap by accident because at that time I liked a girl but was in a long distance relationship. Then once that friend sent me a picture of graffiti, I didn’t know what it was, so I asked again. When you see that, you say I’m a “country boy”. I felt uncomfortable at that time, so I found out what graffiti is and then hip-hop culture. In which hiphop includes breakdance, graffiti, dj and rap. The more I researched, the more I was fascinated and started writing rap songs for the first time in 2009. Gradually rap became a passion that I love until now.

Vietnamese Rap Champion Seachains: 'I really admire my girlfriend' - 2

– Did Seachains have any difficulty in pursuing rap?

The biggest challenge for me is probably the time and money to invest in the product. In terms of money, I work many jobs to make a living while composing music. As for the issue of time, because my mother only gave me 3 years, I really want to prove to my family that the path I have chosen is the right one. Moreover, when I moved from Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh City, my mother was also sick, so time became more urgent. I just want to succeed as soon as possible to pay filial piety to my father and mother.

– During your time in Ho Chi Minh City, how did you realize your passion?

I went to Ho Chi Minh City in 2013, at that time I thought that I would meet many music brothers, work would be very smooth, many people would know there would be many shows. I also planned to be successful at the age of 22 but couldn’t do it. The reality is opposite, I am disillusioned because life is too harsh. I ran after the story of rice, money, daily living expenses, electricity and water. The time spent rapping is just the time on the road when going out, while driving, just think of a sentence that will be recorded in the phone. At the end of the day, they will collect them to write an article.

Can’t live by negative comments

– With such difficulties, what motivates Seachains to persevere for more than 10 years?

I think the biggest motivator is still family. The second motivation is something I like, just focus on that, and put everything aside. Try to keep your health and mind comfortable and healthy every day. When I was in Ho Chi Minh City, sometimes I felt frustrated because I rapped all the time but no one knew about me. It was heartbreaking when my brothers were all known and I was still the same. At times like these, I still use them to motivate myself, not to lower myself and others. I try to see them as my motivation. Things gradually improved when I met OTD, like-minded brothers.

Vietnamese Rap Champion Seachains: 'I really admire my girlfriend' - 3

– What does OTD group mean to Seachains?

We met around 2016-2017, at that time we were just a group that played together. I met Ricky, Lang LD and Phu Nho. We gathered in one place, the 2nd floor of Phuc Bo’s house. The whole group works, eats together, shares all the knowledge about music, one person reading a good book will tell the other.

I remember most of that time, I didn’t have any income because I decided to quit all non-music related jobs to focus 100% on making music. At that time, Mr. Ricky, Phu Nho as well as Lang LD took care of me, took care of my house and food for 3-4 months. OTD is my family, that’s why I have the OTD logo tattoo on my arm.

– It was not until “Simple Love” combined with Obito and Seachains that the audience became widely known?

When “Simple love” was released, I was kind of overwhelmed because suddenly so many people knew about me. But that period of time was also terrible for me. Every morning when I wake up, I often read the audience’s comments about me on social networking platforms, both positive and negative. They make me doubt my ability to say “Is it true that I’m bad at rapping”. At that time my spirits were very low and around that time I heard the song “Bloody valentine” by Machine Gun Kelly. That song helped me get rid of negative thoughts and not be afraid of anything anymore.

– Do you still receive negative comments?

After becoming the Champion, there are still negative comments. But I think I can’t live up to those comments and should just focus on the things I’m best at and the people who love me the most. It’s also not true to say that I don’t pay attention completely, every time I get those negative comments I will tell myself that next time or some time I will try to convince surname.

To avoid negative thinking, I think I will exercise more, travel more, and open my heart more. I share with my friends more. And also fortunate to have my brother, that is the OTD team. I also often share my joys and sorrows with my brothers, and everyone encourages each other a lot.

Follow the pattern in your head

– Looking back on my journey of more than 10 years, how does Seachains see itself change?

For more than 10 years following rap, I consider myself a very stubborn person. As for the music, I’ve changed a lot, being more selective about my words, because before that I kept using words based on emotions and there were words that weren’t suitable for the masses. Now I’m more careful about that part because the audience has older people and elementary school students who can’t fully understand what I’m saying and if they misinterpret it into negative things, it’s worth it. regret.

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– In the underground world, which rapper does Seachains idolize? Is that the kind of music you want to follow?

In Vietnam, I respect Mr. Binz the most because I have been following him since the early days. At that time, Binz’s appearance was very chubby and cute, but not as cool as now. After a period of listening to Mr. Binz’s music, I saw his change. The music became more catchy (earning) and trendy (trending), and every product came out at the top of the charts. I really admire Mr. Binz.

Regarding the musical model, I think I will follow the model that is already in my head. I will show that to the audience in the near future through my music products.

– Although rap has been more accepted by the public, the image of rapper is still more or less unpopular with the public, why do you think this is the case?

It is true that rap has become more popular but audiences are still very demanding. It’s a good sign, the stricter the audience, the more the artist strives. However, the image of a rapper in the public eye is not determined by the music genre, but by the rapper himself. Not only rappers, but anyone who wants to be known how he or she chooses, how his actions and words show is his right.

I think as an artist, everything, including the image, will be decided by the audience more. Therefore, we need to act smartly and delicately. Sometimes being frank, being too honest is also a disadvantage for me or it brings opinions to other rappers. I think rappers not only rap well but also have to know how to behave. Besides, I think rap is still a completely new culture in Vietnam, so I hope the audience is more open to accepting new things.

– Seachains upcoming music project?

This year, I will release a song that I really like. The song is called “Because of you” written for a very special person in my life, my girlfriend.

I really admire my girlfriend

– It is known that Seachains girlfriend is also good at rapping?

Linh Dan loves to sing and when I joined Rap Viet, she was very supportive. Once when I was preparing for the exam, I asked Linh Dan if he knew how to rap, rapping for me. When Dan raps, I’m overwhelmed. I feel like it’s a real talent that can’t be achieved through practice. I really admire my girlfriend.

Vietnamese Rap Champion Seachains: 'I really admire my girlfriend' - 5

– How did Seachains and his girlfriend know each other?

I met Linh Dan at the end of 2020 when I went to Hanoi to play. My friend is also her friend, so when I went out, I asked Linh Dan to come with me and the two got to know each other. But at that time, both of them had a boyfriend, so they didn’t talk much. Until later, when Linh Dan went to Saigon, Linh Dan and I had more time to talk to each other. Feeling compatible, we started to be friends first, 1 year later we started dating.

– Will the two of you collaborate in an upcoming production?

It is true that I am not the only one who sees Dan’s talent, but many people are very supportive when I upload a video of Dan rapping on social networks and go viral. There are many opinions that tell me to try collaborating with Dan, but I want everything to be as natural as possible, let it be according to fate, if she wants and the audience supports Dan, I’m ready to support. But first of all, in the new product, Dan doesn’t rap. It’s revealed that I invited her to act in MV and salary, I don’t know how much Dan will take but I think it will.

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