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Loan pushed my mother away and took her wallet, demanding compensation

While riding a motorbike with my girlfriend, I saw my mother walking in the same direction, so I sped up to say hello. As I approached my mother, she suddenly passed in front of me to cross the street.

I was so scared, afraid of bumping into my mother, so I braked quickly, resulting in my girlfriend and I falling onto the street. My mother panicked and ran over to see if we were all right. My leg was crushed by a motorbike, it hurt and I couldn’t move, but I still tried to tell my mother that it was okay to reassure her.

After my mother and girlfriend pushed the car out, my leg pain was less and I could stand up and walk again. Before I had time to introduce the two of you, Loan pulled her shirt to claim compensation.

I turned pale at Loan’s brazen and insolent behavior towards my mother. I was about to explain, but my mother motioned for me to be quiet. Mom asked Loan how much compensation? When I found out that my mother’s wallet only had 200 thousand, my girlfriend pushed her away and said harsh words.

Everyone present was very upset with Loan’s uneducated behavior. Mom offendedI was so angry that I shouted: “You’re scolding my mother.”. Then pulled her mother out, leaving her girlfriend standing in the middle of the road.

Days later, Loan repeatedly called and wanted to see my mother to apologize, but I did not allow it. Can’t continue to love a girl who behaves like a thug. I am determined to break up.

The other day, suddenly Loan came to the company to find me and said that if the two of them get married, her parents will give 900 million to do business. That is a very large amount of money, with an office salary, it will be difficult for me to accumulate.

Right when I was in need of money to invest with a friend who opened a fast food restaurant. If I had that amount of capital, I wouldn’t have a headache Bank loan again.

But if I marry Loan, my mother will be very disappointed. I really don’t know what to do guys?

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