Making the J.League runner-up “heart beat and tremble”, HAGL fell from Tuan Anh’s mistake

HAGL 1-2 Yokohama F. Marinos | AFC Champions League.

Tuan Anh “poured cold water” on the home team

In the 5th minute of the match, after Cong Phuong’s missed shot in the penalty area of ​​Yokohama F. Marinos, Van Thanh stole the ball, bravely passed before launching a cut on the left foot to bend the ball, beautiful viscous beat the eye-catching goalkeeper Takaoka. Unfortunately, instead of going into the net, the ball found the right column along the goal of the J.League runner-up team. The Japanese team broke out in a cold sweat with a “warning shot” from HAGL.

It was not a sudden ball when the Nui team was much less appreciated than the opponent, but it was a familiar image during the first 15 minutes of the match. Entering the match with a 3-4-3 attack-oriented formation, with Cong Phuong being pulled to play as a midfielder for Van Toan and two tall foreign soldiers playing the role of strikers, coach Kiatisuk’s team was the ones who really took control of the game. keep the game.

Making the J.League runner-up heart beat and tremble, HAGL fell from Tuan Anh's mistake - Photo 2.

The strong, focused and ambitious participation of HAGL made the team from Japan confused. They constantly lose the ball, make the wrong pass, even catch the ball without sticking. In the stands, Germany’s election must have been extremely satisfied with the match and the performance of the “darlings”.

But in the middle of the match with HAGL’s high spirit, Tuan Anh’s mistake overturned everything. In the 16th minute, in a rather subjective defensive phase, the player wearing the captain’s armband of the Nui street team let the opponent pass too easily on the right, then split a dangerous hole from behind, receiving a yellow card.

Making the J.League runner-up heart beat and tremble, HAGL fell from Tuan Anh's mistake - Photo 3.

Yokohama F. Marinos’ free kick was cleared by Huu Tuan, but the right corner right after that saw the central defender’s mistake when he missed an extremely dangerous striker on the opponent’s side – Leo Ceara. Moving in the opposite direction of the ball to catch a thick pass from the corner flagpole, the striker skillfully hit his heel and brought the ball into the corner to beat Tuan Linh and beat HAGL. The goal came like cold water while HAGL was playing too well, stemming from Tuan Anh’s mistake.

Tuan Anh will surely regret that ball, because only after the first goal that HAGL had to receive only 6 minutes, the Nui street team received a second “cold water”. Another fixed situation, this time the offender was Van Thanh on the opposite wing, and Huu Tuan once again could not keep up with Léo Ceará, allowing the striker to jump high to hit the goal of Tuan Linh’s net.

Making the J.League runner-up heart beat and tremble, HAGL fell from Tuan Anh's mistake - Photo 4.

Worth mentioning, in this situation, not only Huu Tuan, but also foreign center-back Kim Dong-su were also clinging to Léo Ceará, but were also helpless. This goal is reminiscent of the one that HAGL had to receive on Vinh field against SLNA recently, when Pham Xuan Manh, even though he was 14 cm shorter, still won against Kim Dong-su in the air battle to hit Tien Linh’s net. The quality of the defense of the Nui street team is really alarming.

Indeed, Tuan Anh’s fault in the situation leading to the first goal is undeniable, but it partly comes from the “suicide” play that Kiatisuk chose for HAGL. With Cong Phuong not very good in the defensive role, and often rising, Tuan Anh is the only shield in the midfield and above the three central defenders, and the “overload” is inevitable. .

Cong Phuong lights up hope

It seemed that two goals would easily “smash” the Nui team, but it was Cong Phuong’s turn to “speak” to bring the match back with excitement with a goal that shortened the score to 1-2 for HAGL. . The corner kick of “Messi Viet” sent the ball to spin, drawing an arc on Thong Nhat field, causing midfielder Takuya Kida – under the pressure of HAGL midfielder Maurício, to hit a dangerous header into the home team’s net.

Making the J.League runner-up heart beat and tremble, HAGL fell from Tuan Anh's mistake - Photo 5.

And with that goal shortening the score, HAGL regained its spirit, making the last minute of the first half extremely worth watching, with the coherent attacks of the “home” team.

The ball rolled less than 3 minutes in the second half, HAGL almost conceded the third goal. This time it was Kim Dong-su’s turn to be bewildered by the clever positional move of the “evil god” Léo Ceará, letting this striker head the ball and hit the crossbar.

As usual, Tuan Anh clearly showed his fatigue when the clock ticked to 60 minutes, and in the 58th minute, coach Kiatisuk decided to throw Xuan Truong on the field to replace this midfielder. Immediately after that, the Japanese team made three changes in a row, bringing two “safety cards” Marcos Júnior and Kota Mizunuma to the field. Kota Mizunuma is the captain of Japan U23 who just won the Dubai Cup.

In the 68th minute, another time Léo Ceará hit a very dangerous header, fortunately for HAGL, the ball found the right position of goalkeeper Tuan Linh, and Marcos Júnior’s subsequent header went out of the goal again. It’s a pity that the golf course is already open in front of you.

Making the J.League runner-up heart beat and tremble, HAGL fell from Tuan Anh's mistake - Photo 6.

In the last minutes of the game, both Van Toan and Cong Phuong played extremely passionately, creating dangerous situations down the border of Yokohama F. Marinos, but it all stopped there when the two key strikers of HAGL Brandao and Baiano seem to be “missing” on the field, causing the Nui street team’s attack to not have the necessary cohesion.

In the 89th minute, Xuan Truong had an extremely dangerous horizontal stretch from the corner of the opponent’s 16m50 round, but both HAGL’s foreign soldiers came in and could not touch the ball at very close range to get a “more precious than gold” goal. for the Mountain City team. Immediately after that situation, it was Kota Mizunuma’s turn to regret with Tuan Linh’s face, but could not defeat goalkeeper HAGL.

To be fair with its level, the Japanese team had a disappointing match with certain misalignments, but HAGL’s poor defense, as well as disappointment from two foreign players on the line. The striker made the Nui street team “receive bitter fruit” on the opening day in the Asian arena.

Score: HAGL 1-2 Yokohama F. Marinos


HAGL: Tuan Linh, Van Thanh, Kim Dong-su, Huu Tuan, Mauricio, Hong Duy, Tuan Anh, Cong Phuong, Van Toan, Brandao, Baiano.

Yokohama F. Marinos: Takaoka, Nagato, Hatanaka, Eduardo, Kida, Leo Ceara, Yoshio, Miyaichi, Nakagawa, Iwata, Matsubara.


HAGL: Takuya Kida (32′ kickback)

Yokohama F. Marinos: Leo Ceará (18′, 24′)

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