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Meta accelerates development of AR glasses

An anonymous source said that Meta is aiming to launch its first augmented reality (AR) headset by 2024 as part of the company’s Project Nazare initiative.

According to Engadgetafter launching the first AR glasses model, Meta will release a new “lighter, more advanced” AR headset in 2026 before another in 2028. The initial model works independently of the phone, but users need a “device” shaped like a phone” for computer processing and incorporates an electrical pulse-based wearable monitored by CTRL-Labs for control.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes to recreate the “iPhone moment” with AR glasses in 2024


The first model is said to be Android-based and could offer a full AR experience with 3D visualization, eye tracking support, outward facing camera, stereo sound, relatively wide field of view, and a “socialized” interface. accepted by society”. The central feature will be communicating with other people’s 3D photos, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes will make for a more enjoyable experience than a simple video call.

Besides that, Meta could also release a more basic wearable, which is a pair of glasses paired with a phone nicknamed Hypernova that allows notifications to be displayed through a small screen. Hypernova is also expected to launch in 2024.

Talking about the expectations for the first AR glasses in the Project Nazere initiative, Meta can only sell eyewear at a high price to enthusiasts and developers. However, Zuckerberg seems to see it as an important product, in which a former employee of the company revealed Zuckerberg even wanted to AR glasses This will create an “iPhone moment” for Meta that could shake up the industry and redefine the company.

That’s the ambition, but whether Meta can realize that ambition or not is another story. Meta has faced many setbacks, including plans to create a custom operating system or reshuffle staff in the VR/AR department.

However, Meta and Zuckerberg want to pour a lot of resources into AR glasses for a reason. Meta is being increasingly criticized due to privacy issues, content controversies, and regulatory pressure. The company also struggles with constant user growth while competitors like TikTok eat off the plate business core. Theoretically, the AR glasses should help Meta leave the scandal behind and regain the innovator status the company enjoyed in its early years.

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