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Miss Do Thi Ha pressured the final exam, was afraid of advanced math

Talking at the event of Wave Festival – The 2nd Vietnam Card Day (April 16), Miss Vietnam Do Thi Ha shared that she is currently accompanying the Miss World Vietnam 2022 contest while reviewing and preparing for the next steps. into the final exam with a lot of pressure.

This semester, instead of taking 6-7 subjects like her classmates, Ha had to take 13-14 exams, the pressure doubled. The time of the exam last semester coincided with the time she attended the Miss World 2021 contest, so she had to postpone many subjects, so this time she had to make up for the old subjects and add these new subjects.

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Miss Vietnam Do Thi Ha is currently studying in 3rd year, majoring in Business Law, National Economics University.

For her, the most difficult subjects ever studied were Advanced Mathematics and Microeconomics. Although it is a general subject, but when she first started studying, the queen was always very afraid. The secret to helping her overcome was to study in groups with friends, share and answer questions. “I hope this semester will also receive the help of friends and teachers in exam preparation”, Thanh Hoa-born beauty said.

Also at the event, the top 12 Miss World 2021 said that since being a first-year student at the National Economics University, she has never asked you to take attendance or skip school because of her outstanding height. and the face is too familiar to friends and teachers. “If you take a break, Ha asks permission from the teacher, she is decent”, Ha said.

In order to balance her studies and social activities, this post-born girl in 2001 has to put in a lot of effort compared to her peers. “For example, during the review and practice session for the Miss World exam, Ha still participates in online learning according to the school’s schedule, when she cannot attend online lessons, Ha will review the lecture video. At the time of the final exam, Ha was abroad, so she could not attend, so she had to postpone the exam. Do Thi Ha said and admitted that while doing many different things at the same time, the learning results cannot be the same as before, but she always tries to achieve the best results.

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Miss Do Thi Ha took pictures to interact with students.

Ha’s upcoming plan at the end of her term is to complete her study program and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Economic Law. After that, both jobs will be parallel, ie both participating in showbiz and doing business.

After being crowned Miss Do Thi Ha found herself much more mature and completely different from before. Now, Ha can confidently stand in front of thousands of people and speak fluently. Although the “weight” of the crown is extremely large, but after the recent journey, the original queen of Thanh Hoa thinks that the effort spent will receive a worthy result, which is a lot more successful and mature. a lot of.

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