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Miss Thuy Tien is not recognized by Sash Factor

The reigning Miss Grand International Thuy Tien is not in Sash Factor’s BIG5 photo.

On the afternoon of April 16, the famous beauty site Sash Factor attracted attention when updating the Fanpage cover photo.

Accordingly, Sash Factor uses the image of the 5 reigning Misses of 5 major beauty contests, including: Miss World – Miss World, Miss Universe – Miss Universe, Miss International – Miss International, and Miss Supranational – Miss Supranational, Miss Earth – Miss Earth.

Thuy Tien is the current Miss Grand International – Miss International Peace – but absent in this image, causing many netizens to wonder, even indignant.

Miss Thuy Tien was not recognized by Sash Factor-1
Miss Grand International 2021 – Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien.

Miss Thuy Tien is not recognized by Sash Factor-2
Sash Factor’s cover photo.

Thuy Tien’s absence is actually… nothing difficult to understand. Because each page has different views about each contest. They will choose the top 5 biggest beauty contests in the world from their own perspective.

Sash Factor does not recognize Miss Grand International in their BIG5 (BIG5 ie 5 biggest beauty contests on the planet), so Thuy Tien will not be able to appear in the above image.

Not long before Sash Factor, the leading beauty site Missosology also attracted attention when updating the cover photo of Fanpage, the 5 reigning Miss of the 5 biggest contests in the world.

Missosology’s BIG5 is the same as Sash Factor’s BIG5, so Thuy Tien Also not present in the picture.

Before that, Missosology had a lot of animosity with the president of Miss Grand International – Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, so they considered this beauty contest as “invisible”, and did not pay attention to Thuy Tien.

Miss Thuy Tien is not recognized by Sash Factor-3
Missosology’s BIG5.

As for Global Beauties – the most prestigious beauty site on the planet, their BIG5 has Miss Grand International, Miss Earth is not recognized.

Therefore, Thuy Tien is present in the photo of Global Beauties, along with the incumbent Miss World, Miss UniverseMiss International and Miss Supranational.

Miss Thuy Tien is not recognized by Sash Factor-4
BIG5 by Global Beauties.

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