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New admissions regulations detrimental to universities?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, said the regulation Admissions In 2022, only technical contents will be adjusted, overcome existing difficulties and obstacles, and create maximum favorable conditions for candidates and training institutions. The new regulation aims to ensure objectivity and fairness between candidates and between training institutions.

The most notable point of this year’s new regulations is that candidates apply for admission after taking the high school graduation exam. “This admission registration is not a “one-time” application, but during this period, candidates can register and adjust their aspirations many times, until the results are announced. high school graduation exam and also the results of the re-evaluation exam. This period is long enough for students to adjust their aspirations to best match their abilities and priorities.”the Director emphasized.

New admissions regulations detrimental to universities?  - first

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training.

As a result, candidates are completely proactive about the time and content of registration for admission. At the same time, this adjustment also saves the overall cost of the system and society when the system opens and accepts enrollment applications in 1 batch instead of 2 times as before.

Regarding the reason why this year the Ministry of Education and Training has introduced a common virtual filtering plan for all schools and admission methods, the Director of the Higher Education Department said that over the years, some universities have unilaterally or unified with candidates about being admitted, but do not upload that list to the system for the Ministry to eliminate before processing the national aspiration. That creates a situation where many candidates are simultaneously admitted to schools and industries, affecting (increasing the number of virtual candidates) to other schools and other candidates.

The fact that a candidate passes at many different schools at the same time (by different admission methods) will lead to an increase in the number of virtual candidates. This also means losing the chance of admission of other students who have the same desire to enter the respective schools and majors that the original candidate did not choose.

“This domino effect will have a more severe impact on many other candidates behind. It should be noted that nearly 1 million candidates participate in the university entrance examination every year, while the number of enrollment quotas in the whole system is limited. The average number is about 550,000. Moreover, it is more difficult for schools to predict the number of students who will actually enroll in order to make appropriate admissions decisions, thus strongly affecting enrollment results.” said the leader.

Therefore, this year’s aspiration processing system will run for all admission methods, candidates will be admitted to the highest and most prioritized aspirations.

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Candidates taking part in the high school graduation exam. (Artwork: HC)

Before some worries that this year’s general virtual filtering will affect the autonomy of schools, Ms. Thuy affirmed that this does not affect the school’s autonomy in enrollment.

Schools must actively receive and process information and data of candidates when they apply for admission according to the school’s methods (besides admission by high school graduation exam results) like every year. When deeming that a candidate has been selected by these methods, the school may notify the candidate of all the eligibility criteria for the candidate to know.

On the candidate’s side, if the selected major is the candidate’s choice, they must adjust the order of their wishes accordingly to complete the admission process. For example, candidate Nguyen Van A entered University B by means of academic record review (which was notified by the school before the time the Ministry opened the admission registration portal). Then when the Ministry opens the registration portal, students need to register and place their first wish to enter the school and major that they have passed at University B. Thus, it will avoid the situation of virtual candidates as in previous years, one student only passed the entrance exam. a single field.

In addition, the virtual filtering of the candidates’ wishes this year will completely overcome the situation that some schools cause difficulties for candidates when requesting early admission, requiring advance payment of seat reservation fees when confirming candidates’ requests. get admission.

Some notable new points

This year, candidates register for the high school graduation exam and apply for admission online on the Ministry’s Portal or the National Public Service Portal; Candidates register for admission within the specified time from the end of the high school graduation exam until the announcement of the results and the review score; Candidates who have graduated from high school when retaking the exam to get the results of university and college admission are not allowed to add regional priority points;

The ministry requires high schools to update candidates’ academic records on the portal to synchronize with the enrollment support system, support candidates and schools with data in the admission process.

On the other hand, the Ministry also asked the schools to explain the increase and decrease in methods and criteria for admission of each discipline. Schools must have a roadmap to reduce the number of targets in each selection method (not more than 30% of the target compared to last year), to avoid affecting the students’ study and practice.

The ministry requires schools to draft plans to deal with possible risks during the enrollment process, and at the same time make them public in their enrollment schemes.

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