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Partially paying for my sister-in-law’s debt is still criticized by my mother

My mother always told me that I was selfish and had no compassion, but I saw myself as an obvious lover and hater.

When I love someone, I can give them all my heart, and I have never flattered anyone to benefit. But because of my sister-in-law, the whole family considers me selfish. Before, there was never a sister-in-law in my house, everything was very happy. It all started when my sister-in-law defaulted on her debt. The gangster came to the house to ask for money, I took all my savings to help her pay off the debt in the night. Yet in a row, the debts were gradually exposed, and your savings were all gone when no one knew. After many questioning by the whole family, she said that people were lured to invest in the stock market and then got cheated, no one knows how true it is. I gradually lost my love for her.

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Recently, I have been constantly terrorized by financial companies to collect a loan from her. She refused to borrow. They know my name, where I live, my position, and my profession. I am really frustrated. However, no one in the family understood, always thought that I was wrong when I blamed her, did not ignore her mistake. She works from morning to late at night, does not care about everything in the house, does not know how her children eat or study. I said: “Give birth and grow up on your own, no need to take care of it”. So my mother and everyone told me that I did not know love, did not have compassion. Then tell them how hard you have to work to pay off your debt. It was caused by you, but I did not force you. I still love my grandchildren, children are not guilty, always take them out to play, buy gifts and guide their studies.

With her work, I am not satisfied. Since graduating from school until now, all the money I earn has been used to take care of the big and small things in the house, while my brother and sister only save money to pay off debt and buy their own land. Now my meager savings are also used to repay her debt. However, I only lived according to my true feelings and was considered wrong and selfish by my mother. Mom said I’ll get married later sister-in-law will take care of my mother, I don’t believe in that prospect. Am I really that selfish?


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