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Penis fracture due to selfie, expression, when to go to hospital immediately if you don’t want to be amputated

If the patient is not operated on in time, the ‘gun’ fracture can cause the ‘little penis’ to be malnourished, poor blood circulation leading to gangrene and forced amputation.

Master, Doctor Trinh Kien Cuong, Hanoi Hospital of Andrology and Infertility, said that he had received and performed emergency surgery for many patients with broken cavernous bodies or broken penises.

The most recent is a case of a 24-year-old young man with a pale face, panicking. Saying the reason for admission, he hesitated, said “little boy” was edematous, bruised.

The young man was pale, worried about his 'gun' damage because of a habit many gentlemen used to do
Master, Doctor Trinh Kien Cuong examines a patient

When the doctor checked, not only did the above two signs appear, this young man’s “gun” was also bent to one side. According to the patient, even though he is more than 20 years old, he was busy studying, then he went to work in a place with a lot of pressure. So even though sometimes I also want to have a lover, but then the work goes away, this young man’s need for love is forgotten.

The incident happened when he moved companies, where the leisurely work was full of female colleagues, the need for “love” of the man in the patient re-emerged.

“It was a day off. I was watching the movie while I was doing it, but when I was climaxing, I suddenly heard a “crack”, “cough” sound, then a sharp pain ran to my brain.

Immediately after that, the boy swelled up and kept leaning in another direction. Light touch is painful, everything can’t be the same”, the young man explained.

The patient also confessed that during masturbation did not use any lubricant. And he often has a habit of breaking his own penis to achieve orgasm. After this incident, when he noticed an abnormality in the penis, the young man was very scared and immediately went to the hospital for examination.

“Fortunately, the patient had surgery to remove the hematoma and stitches to restore the white balance of the cavernous body, now the condition is stable, the erection function and the ability to have normal sexual activities are normal,” Thac said. Doctor, Doctor Cuong said.

Penile fracture is a rare and dangerous injury that can happen during sex. Penile fracture is a break in the cavernous body of the penis and the white capsule of the penis.

Doctors said that traumatic fracture of the penis can leave long-term damage to male genital and urinary functions, so it needs to be treated promptly. There is currently no official classification for penile fracture.

“Some simple classification has been developed, but it is not widely used and has not been recognized by the urological surgery associations,” said Master, Doctor Trinh Kien Cuong.

This grading system is evaluated by ultrasound imaging consisting of 5 degrees:

Grade 0: white balance intact, with superficial hematoma or to the choroid of Buck’s fascia.

Grade I: white fascia and/or cavernous lesions.

Grade II: leukoplakia and/or cavernous hematoma.

Grade III: white fascia lesion, hematoma to Buck fascia and spongiform body.

Grade IV: There is damage to the urethra and/or blood vessel damage, vascular malformation.

“Usually mild cases, i.e. there is only a small hematoma under the skin of the penis, without causing edema and bruising and a lot of pain, can be treated conservatively at home, can apply ice to vasoconstriction and Limit bruising.

But if the penis is edematous, crooked and painful, the patient should immediately go to specialized medical facilities for timely treatment because if left for a long time, it will cause complications such as penile curvature, sclerosis. impotence, erectile dysfunction affects later sex life.

Even in cases of urethral injury, it can cause urinary retention and infection. More dangerously, if the patient is not operated on in time, the fracture of the penis can cause the penis to be malnourished – poor blood circulation leads to necrosis and the penis must be amputated”, said Master, Doctor Kien Cuong. strong.

Therefore, doctors recommend that when you suspect that you have a “broken gun”, you should seek medical attention immediately to avoid possible unfortunate complications.

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