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Raising guppies earns hundreds of millions of dong

An GiangFrom passion, Nguyen Thu Le, 31 years old, quit his job, borrowed capital to set up an ornamental fish farming area with a monthly revenue of hundreds of millions of dong, exported to many countries.

In 2013, the young man from the West graduated as an information technology engineer and joined a large corporation with a high salary. Three years later, he quit his job to become a civil servant when he found the working environment unsuitable. However, the new job could not keep the ceremony.

The hobby of playing ornamental fish started from the time of the ceremony at the state unit. Since he was addicted to fish farming, found it easy to breed, and the market was scarce, he tried with pairs of fingerlings bought from Thailand. The first pairs of fish brought back to be raised were quite convenient, spawning made him confident to invest 50 million VND to buy in bulk.

Nguyen Thu Le feeds guppies in the breeding area.  Photo: Ngoc Tai

Nguyen Thu Le feeds guppies in the breeding area. Image: Ngoc Tai

However, after importing a lot, the fish began to falter and die. Day in and day out, he kept his eyes glued to the aquarium, capturing each unusual change in order to grasp the rules. On the other hand, he looks to many experienced people to learn from. At that time, the technique of breeding aquarium fish was quite new.

According to Le, the disease on ornamental fish changed quite quickly, when they were discovered, they had spread to the whole aquarium. Seeing that, he divided into each tray, each tray of several hundred children to proactively diagnose diseases and limit risks. After many failed attempts, Le began to realize that the source of cultured water was very important, in addition to ensuring the quality, it was necessary to avoid sudden and shocking new water changes to the fish.

Self-taught, the information technology engineer designed the drip water supply and drainage system. Small creatures used as food for fish, Le also tinkered with self-cultivation to actively input. By the time he understood the farming process, the amount of money he borrowed to invest in fish farming reached billions of dong, mainly from relatives and friends.

At the end of 2018, the Guppies breeding area built by Le started selling the first breeds. He recorded videos himself, shared on groups to sell. Revenue from selling fish, 9X guy rotates, buys pairs of beautiful fingerlings, diverse types. Guppies, depending on the species, will have many different prices, some with only a few tens of thousands of dong, but some with a price of several million, even tens of millions of dong.

To increase the percentage of beautiful fish, he separates pairs with many dominant traits to raise them separately at an early age, with their own care regimen. From a few dozen farming trays, Le increased to 400 trays, the species of guppies also increased by more than 10 species. At the end of 2019, revenue from selling fish increased by 100 million VND per month, profit of more than 60 million VND. The main markets of the Ceremony are aquariums, hobbyists and shops.

Mr. Le recorded a video to introduce ornamental fish to groups for sale.  Photo: Ngoc Tai

Mr. Le recorded a video to introduce ornamental fish to groups for sale. Image: Ngoc Tai

A customer in Indonesia saw an article about Le’s ornamental fish online and asked to buy it. A bit surprised, but seeing a profit many times higher, he found a shipping company. Fortunately, guppies are not subject to quarantine regulations, but fish maintenance needs to be taken care of to avoid shock and loss of fish.

After the first orders and the introduction of the buyer, he began to export to Korea, the US, Malaysia… Some countries did not have direct flights, the ceremony to find an intermediary to receive the goods, open the seal, change water, food and then continue the next journey. “For Malaysia alone, it takes a whole week to ship, the shipping cost is 8 USD a child,” he said.

One day in early April, this information technology engineer is really a seafood engineer, glued to the farming trays, admiring the results and selecting the brood pairs to separate. The farming area is a corrugated iron house with a width of 250 m2, two more workers in time to deliver the goods. Hand-packed more than a dozen pairs of guppies in selected goods, the ceremony collected nearly tens of millions of dong.

Currently, each month he sells more than 1,000 pairs of fish, the revenue is about 50 million dong, the profit is 20-30 million. The debt he has paid has been paid and is about to expand the farming area in the district, taking advantage of the family’s land.

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