Safe cars cause… unsafe at F1 2022

After 3 races of the season F1 In 2022, a problem that has been raised by many racers is that the safety car in all these races moves too slowly when appearing. The reason given by the organizers is that the new F1 cars are changed from 13 to 18 inch tires, which makes them more grippy, and the average speed is also higher. However, safety cars do not have this change. And if the speed of the car is increased safely, it is they who are in danger when they do not have enough traction and are prone to accidents.

Safe cars cause... unsafe at F1 2022 - Photo 1.

Safety cars are a nuisance for F1 drivers

If the safety car goes fast, it endangers themselves, and if it goes slowly, it increases the danger of the whole race. Because F1 cars if going too slowly on the track will cause the tires to lose heat, thereby losing traction. If the safety car appears for too long, then after the race is resumed, the cars on the track will be very slippery and easy to lose control. The FIA ​​said it would consider and discuss with two safety car suppliers, Mercedes and Aston Martin, to improve this situation in the following races.

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