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Saying no to drama, this Top Top channel series is still popular thanks to knowing how to distribute “positive vitamins”

Top Top is a colorful “ecosystem”. There are TikTok channels that specialize in catching trends without slipping, “virtual living saints” who show off their transformations, there are even noisy markets,… and there are also slow and quiet spaces in the universe. that color.

It is not an exaggeration to say that these are Tot Top channels for spiritual healing. OLDThese channels often tell simple personal stories, recreating close life… making viewers feel relaxed and relaxed when surfing to their clips after a long tiring day, busy with life. living.

Mr. Farmer

Saying no to drama, this Top Top channel series is still popular thanks to knowing how to distribute

Videos of Mr. Farmer (real name is Dang Quang Vinh, born in 1993, currently living in Hanoi) bringing the simple beauty of Vietnamese countryside with the cool green color of vegetable gardens, bamboo groves, a small house with thatched roofs and animals familiar with field life… In that close-knit setting, It seems that all the hustle and bustle of city life has been forgotten, giving way to moments of relaxation and peace.

Watching the videos of Mr. Farmer, viewers can “see their eyes full” of delicious and sweet dishes made from “homegrown” ingredients such as minced meat, shrimp paste, papaya salad, salt-and-pepper salted lemon chicken. , Red tilapia steamed with soy sauce,… Familiar and rustic Vietnamese dishes move viewers when recalling childhood memories and arousing the interest of young people with the image of a peaceful life in the countryside. village.

Anh Nong Dan channel, although newly established, quickly reached the top of the outstanding culinary content creators of 2021 awarded by TikTok. Currently, farmer Quang Vinh’s channel has attracted 1.5 million followers and 27.7 million likes.

The farmer makes grilled duck with char siu and delicious duck blood soup

Hana Ban Me

Saying no to drama, this Top Top channel series is still popular thanks to knowing how to distribute

Leaving busy Saigon, young girl Hana (real name Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, born in 1994, Dak Lak) chooses to “go back to the garden” with her parents in Buon Ma Thuot. However, this girl’s way of returning to the garden was strange. She went home but made the young people of the city look and crave before the interesting, interesting and full of delicious and sweet things to swallow.

With a bright smile always on her lips, the Central Highlands farmer excitedly and gracefully shared with viewers four ways to choose durian, tips on choosing delicious lychee, harvesting honey, and cauldron in the countryside…

Vivid content is conveyed with a lot of “positive vitamins” and close-knit local gifts to bring comfort and cheerfulness to viewers, arouse the longing for the homeland and explore the people’s life. wild. Witnessing the vivid and lively nature scenes in Hana’s video is the joy of the majority of the audience.

The videos on the topic of fruit trees in the garden, although simple, but “scratched in the right place” of the netizens thanks to the attractiveness and deliciousness of the country’s gifts, thus attracting great views and interactions. Currently, Hana Ban Me channel has successfully collected 1.1 million follow buttons and 24.7 million likes.

The clip of Hana going to harvest honey makes many people excited

An Den

Saying no to drama, this Top Top channel series is still popular thanks to knowing how to distribute

We invite you to get acquainted with the highlands of the Central Highlands, with the village of Dak Lak through the million-view TikTok channel An Den. The girl Nguyen Thuy An (born in 1991 in Tay Ninh) is famous for her story “leaving the city to return to her hometown” which gives viewers a feeling of closeness to the beautiful, poetic but idyllic scenery in the village.

The owner does not wear silk makeup, self-identifying as Black, but it is the content of the channel that makes viewers strangely attracted. The team that created An Den’s thousands of heart-warming videos with millions of views are dogs, cats, Seven and the neighbors who are as rustic as the earth. Not only are clips about local delicacies, An Den also integrates many emotional stories and love for nature and people on the background of soothing music and rustic scenes of fields. Her scenes recreate a rustic village life with many poverty, but so dear and rich in humanity.

The idyllic image of her hometown of Dak Lak helps An Den have a “huge” number of followers, 1.1 million followers and 19.5 million likes.

An Den confided in making viewers emotional


Saying no to drama, this Top Top channel series is still popular thanks to knowing how to distribute

The owner of the tuilathinhu channel is a lovely girl Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi, born in 1997, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. Although the number of followers is not equal to the famous TikTokers above, Thu Nhi also made a personal mark in the field of eat clean and gained a large number of fans. Currently, Thu Nhi’s channel has more than 631K followers and 12.9 million likes.

Working hard on the tuilathinhu channel, the girls not only learn how to cook an easy and healthy main dish, but also know how to make many healthy snacks that are still attractive for “old women”. True to the criteria of self-cooking, self-eating, homemade according to home recipes, her videos do not contain expensive and sophisticated ingredients, but are familiar to eat clean addicts such as: chicken breast, cracked rice, lemon ginger, diet sugar, almond powder,…

Her videos convey joy and healthy energy to viewers. Thu Nhi brings a feeling of friendliness, chill thanks to her humorous, gentle and especially charming way of talking. After watching, everyone wants to live green, eat clean to own a slim body and smooth white skin like that of a beautiful channel owner.

Clip of making egg tarts in the “noble touch” style of Thu Nhi


Saying no to drama, this Top Top channel series is still popular thanks to knowing how to distribute

Pham Hoang Oanh (born in 2001, now living in Seoul, South Korea) with his TikTok channel khumcanco is the next name on the list. When watching her videos, everyone must laugh because of the cute, funny and natural “no need to try” nature of the channel owner. Although she lives thousands of miles away from home alone, the international student always exudes an optimistic, youthful and warm energy.

In the uploaded videos, she brings a super cute everyday life story combined with the catchy music stage and the familiar image of holding a pan. Movies in a beautiful comic-like setting in Korea with cute, intimate content that you want to “fain up and down” create clear melodies that heal viewers, recalling the image. beautiful youth photos for many people.

The cute and sweet level of the channel made 233.6K people follow, “loaded with 1 heart” with 5.4 million likes.

The girl in a “video” in the style of “female”

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