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Short and pitiful marriage of Vietnamese showbiz golden couples

Marriage of many Vietnamese stars was warmly supported and blessed by the public with admiration for talented couples. Therefore, their premature breakup left a lot of regrets.

Hoang Oanh – Jack Cole

On the evening of April 11, Jack Cole – husband of MC Hoang Oanh suddenly wrote on his personal page in Vietnamese: “Unfortunately we can’t solve everything. The divorce rumors are true. We will do our best to raise our son to be happy and healthy.”

On the morning of April 13, Hoang Oanh admitted that she was in the midst of divorce proceedings, and affirmed that she would love and raise her children with Jack Cole to be healthy and happy. She wrote: “Oanh has tried her best before, so she can move on now. Baby Max is Oanh’s greatest strength and happiness in this life! Oanh will give all her love to take care of her, Let me live in peace and grow up to be a human!”.

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The news that MC Hoang Oanh divorced her Western husband made the public stir, surprised and regretful because before that, they were one of the most beautiful couples in Vietnamese showbiz. They got married in 2019 after more than a year of dating. In August 2020, Hoang Oanh gave birth to a son, named Max.

After getting married, Hoang Oanh often shares happy family photos on social networks. But recently, the public has noticed that the marriage of Hoang Oanh and businessman Jack Cole has a problem. Derived from MC Hoang Oanh’s hidden post alluding to the “overflow of tears”, the audience questioned her family rift. In addition, recently Hoang Oanh has also rarely posted family photos and almost posted photos without her husband’s face. She does not talk about her husband much in the media, but focuses on sharing her work and daily life images. In her most recent appearance, she no longer wears a ring on her ring finger.

Ngoc Lan – Thanh Binh

Before moving into the same house in 2016, Ngoc Lan and Thanh Binh used to be friends for 10 years. The relationship of the two people is fully supported by the public. In 2017, the couple welcomed their first son. However, after only 3 years, the couple confirmed their separation. Perhaps what makes the audience most regretful is that after many difficult relationships, Ngoc Lan has never once worn a wedding dress. She and Thanh Binh just had a wedding ceremony.

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At that time, when answering about the separation, Thanh Binh affirmed that the matter was not related to the third person, and Ngoc Lan said that she would still consider her ex-husband as a friend, jointly responsible for taking care of the children. They choose to look at things very gently, without saying back and forth or blaming, blaming the other party.

At the beginning of January 2022, Ngoc Lan was suddenly dragged into Thanh Binh’s noisy case, when a girl posted the piano and accused him of being promiscuous. Before this scandal, Ngoc Lan’s representative stated that she was no longer related to Thanh Binh’s life. However, this person’s meaningful statement made the public guess that Thanh Binh’s amorousness was the reason for their divorce: “The root cause for so many years has now been clarified. I say little hope you understand more”.

After the divorce, Ngoc Lan is increasingly sublimated in her career, and Thanh Binh also has her own plans. He recently revealed that he is looking for a girl: “She understands and trusts me very much. What I say to her, she understands. But because she is not in the art world, I have to explain it. It is a private life. So I’m sorry I can’t share more. But most importantly, she trusts me.”.

Quang Dung – Jennifer Pham

The marriage of singer Quang Dung and Miss Jennifer Pham was once admired by the public because of their match. Jennifer Pham met and fell in love with Quang Dung after collaborating in the movie The leaves of time (2006).

After getting married, Jennifer Pham accepted to go backstage, gave birth to a son Bao Nam and became a solid rear for her husband to develop his career. However, after only 3 years of living together, the couple quietly broke up, surprising the public. To this day, the cause of their breakup remains a mystery.

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Farewell to Quang Dung, Jennifer Pham returned to showbiz as an MC and actress. In 2012, she took another step with businessman Duc Hai and gave birth to him 3 children, two girls and a boy. Duc Hai also loves Bao Nam, his wife’s own son. On her personal page, Jennifer Pham often shares happy pictures with her family, enjoys luxurious trips, proving her life is very fulfilling. Quang Dung is still single.

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Jennifer Pham with her husband and children on a recent trip.

Kim Hien – DJ Phong

When she first became famous, Kim Hien had a deep love for DJ Phong. The couple was so close that they quietly registered their marriage and moved in together for more than 5 years. After giving birth to son Sonic, Kim Hien and DJ Phong held a wedding in 2010 in the blessing of relatives and fans.

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No one expected that, just 2 months later, Kim Hien discovered that a third person had interfered in her marriage. Worse, it was her friend. Before the harsh truth, Kim Hien decided to divorce.

After this heartbreaking story, Kim Hien lived a secretive life, for 2 years did not act in films and limited appearances in the media. During her “hidden time”, she met Andy Le – an overseas Vietnamese businessman from the US. From the relationship of friends, Andy Le finds every way to conquer and compensate for the love of Kim Hien’s mother and daughter. Before his sincere feelings, the actress decided to open her heart and agree to get married. After that, she and her son Sonic followed her husband to the US to settle down. In 2015, she gave birth to her second daughter Yvona.

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After many ups and downs in love affairs, Kim Hien had a happy and peaceful life in the West. When her daughter entered 1st grade, Kim Hien tried her hand at business and produced clips about travel and life on her own Youtube channel to relieve her job nostalgia. Regarding the relationship with her ex-husband, Kim Hien said that she and DJ Phong still keep in normal contact so that son Sonic always receives the full love of his parents.

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