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Shu Qi: ‘I’m old’

Shu Qi, a Taiwanese-born actress, realized she was getting old when she woke up and saw a few gray hairs on the floor.

Beauty Hidden Lady Photographer celebrate 46th birthday on April 16, account Weibo of the magazine Movie View Posted a photo of Thu Ky with a quote of hers: “I am a punctual person and never worry about time. Time is passing, so it is important to cherish every minute and every second of the present”.

Thu Ky at the age of 46. Photo: Bvlgari

Thu Ky at the age of 46. Photo: Bvlgari

The actress said she realized she was getting older when she sometimes woke up and saw a couple of gray hairs on the floor. When washing his face, the actor once thought “my skin seems saggy”. But Shu Qi was not worried, nor did she think about how to hold on to her toned skin.

The actress said that the wind and rain of life made her understand and accept the law of birth, old age, sickness and death. The beauty has never bothered about age, spending time at work and the people next to her. For her, “time is never enough”.

In recent years, Shu Qi has reduced her job. Above Sohu, she said that currently only works with directors and actors who are used to working together, because working with newcomers “takes a lot of time to understand each other”. Thu Ky self-confessed up to now, she lives without “wearing a mask, just being with people who understand her, no need to think about unhappy things, no need to laugh at everything”.

Thu Ky maintains a sexy and luxurious style in her forties.  Photo: Elle

Thu Ky maintains a sexy and luxurious style in her forties. Image: Elle

The actress said her life is a fairy tale, a miracle. To be the way she is, Shu Qi spent countless nights of fear, countless tears. Growing up in a poor family, with unhappy parents, from a young age, Thu Ky felt insecure. When she was a teenager, the girl ran away from home several times after her mother kicked her out.

At the age of 14-15, Thu Ky ran away from home to Hong Kong to work as a model, took many sexy photos, so she quarreled with her boyfriend and broke up. Angry at her ex-lover, Shu Qi shot six high school movies in a row.

Once, when standing on the sidewalk in Hong Kong, an open-top car ran in front of Shu Qi, the man in the car shouted: “Ah, the actor takes off his clothes”. At that time, for the first time, Shu Qi was aware of the cruel reality. She thought: “Why do other people look down on me like that?”. In the following years, Thu Ky’s mother did not dare to go to another house to wish New Year because she was embarrassed because her daughter acted in a high school movie.

Thu Ky used to be sad, suffering and felt heavy pressure because of the eyes of people. She is afraid of the dark, lacks a sense of security, and turns on bright lights every night when she sleeps. The actress was fortunate to meet directors Luu Vy Cuong and Hou Hieu Hien, one who gave her the opportunity to act in commercial films, the other who led the actors in the pure art film line. In 2005, with Three Times by Hau Hieu Hien, the beauty wins Best Actress Golden Horse Award. The recognition of professionals helps Thu Ky relieve her psychological burden and become more confident. She broke down because “finally there is an award to bring back to my parents. They must have been under pressure like me”.

Shu Qi modeled fashion magazine January 2022

Thu Ky was a magazine model at the beginning of the year. Video: CR Fashion Book

Above Marie Claire, Thu Ky once said: “I will wear each and every shirt that I took off before”. Up to now, looking back on his career, the actor feels fulfilled and satisfied. She said, acting in high school is because “youth lacks understanding, but you have to choose, you have to do it well”. Accepting the past makes Shu Qi happier. Gradually, she no longer needed to turn on the light when she slept.

Director Phung Tieu Cuong once said about Shu Qi: “She is the type of person who shines in the synagogue, proficient in the kitchen. She can enjoy a leisurely and luxurious life, and can also be with the man she loves. wandering around strangely”.

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