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Style your home with woven wood

1. In the bedroom

The bedroom is a great place to bring in the natural, contemporary look of the panels woven wood into space. The woven wooden slides are handcrafted from organic materials such as bamboo, cork, grass, jute and reeds. These shades are especially suitable for living plants, nomadic style – luxury and everything else. They will help give the room texture a neutral tone and will help keep the eclectic designs more grounded in reality.

You can also add a light-blocking lining to your textiles to help block the light in and catch a few extra rays in the morning. This is also why knitwear is one of the most popular window treatments in modern design. Not only brings rustic beauty but also creates a feeling of cool, light and extremely airy, especially in summer. All in all, modernity and texture are always welcome additions to a bedroom that’s woven with wood.

2. In the dining room

Woven wood colors may be casual in a dining room, but will look great when combined with wooden furniture such as a dining table, buffet or hut. With a range of colors from neutral to dark, the effortless, natural feel of a budget dining room can be brightened with these light and easy window treatments.

To give the dining room a more formal look, adding a pair of pleated panels is quick and incredibly effective. The room where we come with family and friends to enjoy celebration and holiday meals deserves thoughtful decoration. Using woven wood is a very easy solution because of their limitless design look that can suit any mood or event you are planning.

3. In the living room

Woven wood shades from rustic to subtle add an extra layer of texture to a casual or formal living room. Not only that, combining these shades with ruffles will only increase their appeal. Keep a natural rustic feel with linens in neutral tones or go bold with multicolored velvet pleats.

Keep in mind that because of the natural materials used in crafting the woven wood visors, it’s best to add a privacy liner to evenly disperse the filtered light through the textile. Blackout pads are also available to block out most of the light coming in, useful for family gatherings to block out glare from outside for peaceful conversations. The woven wood color is a compliment to any family living room. Once the living room decor is complete and the window treatments are ready, all you need to do is light a scented candle with pumpkin or cinnamon spice, pull up your blinds and enjoy the frame. Fall foliage scene.

4. In the kitchen

Another room that never goes out of style with woven wood accents is the kitchen. We probably spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room in the house. With surface requirements that are attractive yet easy to clean, woven wood panels are decorative but also very easy to operate and maintain. Since the kitchen is a high-maintenance area, the treatment of woven wood windows needs to happen on a regular basis. All the cooking, baking and baking will soon begin in the kitchen, so get ready now so this busy place is ready to meet all the needs of the holidays.

The woven wood palettes bring the style of nature into the home while providing much-needed light control to the doors. Now is the time to consider these unique and artistic shades to cover cracked windows or replace current outdated window treatments. Woven wood palettes add texture, depth and interest to any living space in the home.

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