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Tensions surrounding arms aid to Ukraine

US State Department spokesman Ted Rice said on April 15 that nothing could stop the administration of President Joe Biden from continuing to supply weapons to Kiev despite Moscow’s recent warnings about the “consequences” of the conflict. this action.

The reaction came after US media reported that Russia had sent a diplomatic cable to the Biden administration, warning of “unforeseen consequences” if Washington continued to provide arms to Ukraine.

According to the radio RTWashington has provided more than $2.5 billion worth of weapons aid to Kiev since Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24. Initial US aid shipments consisted mainly of anti-tank missiles and ammunition.

However, the most recent shipment of weapons approved, on April 13, also includes helicopters, heavy artillery and drones. In addition, on April 15, Germany announced a military aid plan of more than 1 billion euros to Ukraine in the context of Kiev’s complaints that it did not receive heavy weapons from Berlin.

Tensions around arms aid to Ukraine - Photo 1.

Military aid to Ukraine at an airport in the province of Ontario – Canada on April 14 Photo: Reuters

By page India Todaythe US and Germany are among about 30 countries that have donated weapons and air defense systems to Ukraine, including Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Turkey… In addition, Ukraine has also received support by cash to buy weapons and ammunition.

On April 7, the European Union (EU) pledged an additional $543 million in aid, bringing the bloc’s total military aid to $1.63 billion since the conflict broke out. Last month, the US Congress approved $13 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. The White House will likely continue to exploit this support to increase aid to Ukraine.

Responding to the move, Moscow accused Washington and its NATO allies of violating “strict rules” about transferring weapons to conflict zones.

According to the contents of the Russian telegram published by the newspaper The Washington Post Posted on April 15, it called on the US and its allies to stop the irresponsible militarization of Ukraine and warned that this would have unpredictable consequences for regional and international security.

Not stopping there, Moscow’s cable also accused NATO of pressuring Ukraine to abandon negotiations with Russia, and criticized Washington for encouraging countries with Soviet weapons to send them to Ukraine.

A day earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Tass news agency that all Western weapons supplied to Ukraine would be viewed by Moscow as a “legitimate military target”.

Earlier this week, Moscow said it had destroyed four S-300 air defense systems that were shipped to Ukraine by a European country. Slovakia, a NATO member, supplied Ukraine with such a system last week but insists it has not been cancelled. On April 12, the Russian Defense Ministry said that it used long-range missiles to attack two Ukrainian ammunition depots.

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