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The beautiful girl almost died after a passionate love, caused by the food her boyfriend ate

A girl who works as an online model named Lucy Banks in the UK said that she had crazy itching and swelling after sex with boyfriend. This 20-year-old girl is allergic to peanuts (peanuts) and her boyfriend ate this nut before the two had sex.

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Lucy Banks shared online about a situation where she had a severe allergic reaction after sex. Photo: The Sun

Sharing on social networks, the girl said that she did not think she could have this type of allergy. She said: “He ate a mixture of nuts and dried fruit (including peanuts) before falling in love. Knowing that I was allergic to peanuts, he took every precaution in advance such as brushing his teeth and washing his hands thoroughly. But we didn’t expect allergens to be transmitted through semen.”

The female model said that she had to immediately run to the pharmacy to ask for help when she had a severe allergic reaction. The pharmacist struggled for a while due to her severe condition and had to ask colleagues for support.

“Those with mild to moderate allergies may not notice it, but if you have an anaphylactic reaction to certain foods, like me, you need to be especially wary of your partner to make sure. they don’t eat something that can cause a negative and severe reaction during and after sex,” she warned.

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Some nuts can cause allergies. (Illustration)

According to The Daily MailMedical science has documented an association between semen and allergic reactions.

In a report published in 2007, experts at the Immunology Center at St Helier’s Hospital in Surrey (UK) discussed the case of a 20-year-old woman who had an allergic reaction to the following Brazil nuts: when having sex without using a condom. According to reports, this female patient was allergic to peanuts and her boyfriend ate this nut within 3 hours before the two had sexual intercourse.

The patient had never had such a reaction and had developed hives all over his body. The medical staff explained that the allergic reaction that occurs after sex could be due to the protein in the food being passed through the semen, causing the woman to react.

This case only looked at nuts, but the experts added: “It will be interesting to find out if other dietary proteins could be secreted into semen and pose a danger to sexually active people.” have a food allergy or not.

Some notable food allergy symptoms everyone needs to know, according to the British Health Agency. These signs usually appear within seconds of eating the allergenic food:

– Itching, discomfort in the mouth

– Itchy rash

– Facial edema

– Difficulty swallowing

– Short of breath

– Feeling dizzy

– Fatigue, nausea

– Stomachache

Symptoms similar to allergic rhinitis.

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