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The country’s land increased in price by billions, the two brothers faced each other

Nguyen Van Tao and his younger brother Nguyen Van Tuan are two brothers in a family of five children. When he was alive, Tao’s father worked as an electrical repairman, and his mother worked in agriculture economy The family is also well-to-do in the village.

When his second son, Mr. Tuan, got married, his father bought a piece of land of more than 300 m2 at the end of the village to build a house for Tuan and his wife to live separately.

The oldest brother, Nguyen Van Tao, lives with his parents in an old house on a land of more than 600 square meters.

When the two parents died, the two brothers Tao still lived in harmony, loved each other, the family had any work, the two brothers also agreed to stand up and arrange. All the neighbors in the village say that Mr. Tao’s family is blessed when the 5 brothers and sisters in the family all love and care for each other.

The country's land increased in price by billions, the two brothers faced each other - 1

The land was feverish, causing many families to fall apart because of the land dispute.

But the conflicting story began to happen at the end of 2020, when the land of Mr. Tao’s house suddenly increased rapidly because this plot of land has 20 meters of frontage located on a newly opened major highway.

If before, this land lot cost only 3 -4 million dong/m2, now the price has increased 10-12 million dong/m2, the land lot 600 m2 has also increased from 1.8 billion dong to about 7 billion dong. .

Meanwhile, the 300 m2 plot of land Mr. Tuan’s house was bought by his parents before because it is located deep in the village, the road in front of the house is only 2.5 m, so the price has only increased slightly to more than 1 billion VND.

Seeing that the eldest brother’s house suddenly owned a land of 7 billion VND, Mr. Tuan was very upset, immediately asked for a family meeting to divide the land left by his parents.

It is worth mentioning that the land of more than 600m2 that Mr. Tao’s house is living in is in his parents’ name. In the past, when the price of land was low, everyone in the family thought it was the land that their parents left for their eldest brother, because Mr. Tao and his wife had been here for many years, when his parents were sick. disabled, only he and his wife take care of.

But when the price skyrocketed, Mr. Tuan said that, because his parents died without leaving a will, this land must be divided equally among 5 brothers in the family, all 3 daughters also received inheritance as boy.

However, that is only Mr. Tuan’s opinion, and all 3 daughters think that, if parents bought Mr. Tuan and his wife a 300 m2 piece of land, this 600 m2 piece of land belongs to Mr. Tao. Moreover, this is the land of incense, so it cannot be divided, it must be kept so that the descendants still have a place to find smoke.

Although the meeting Mr. Tuan did not receive the consent of his 3 sisters, Mr. Tuan still did not give up his intention to win the land.

Also after that family meeting, Mr and Mrs. Tuan and Mr. Tao became more awkward with each other.

The climax of the story comes when at the end of 2021, Tao’s family wants to build an additional level 4 house for the son and his wife to live separately on this 600 m2 piece of land.

Accordingly, on the day of breaking ground for a level 4 house, Mr. Tuan reported to the authorities to ask Mr. Tao not to build on the disputed land.

Mr. Tao was very angry, so he spoke harshly and scolded Mr. Tuan. Tuan also did not fit, also cursed at his brother. Relatives and neighbors all came to intervene, but the two brothers did not stop shouting at each other. In the end, because they were too tired, Mr. Tao and his 3 sisters decided to cut 120 m2 and give it to Mr. Tuan, with more than 400 m2 remaining, the 3 sisters transferred everything to the eldest brother to burn incense for their parents.

Since then, Mr. Tao and his 3 younger sisters have decided not to look at Mr. Tuan’s face, and even on the anniversary of his parents’ death, no one would welcome Mr. Tuan and his wife.

The story of brothers turning their backs because of the increase in land prices is probably only partial. What is more profound? Is the farmer looking at the rising land price to live and losing his motivation to work?

When the price real estate high growth without proper planning, no residential areas, no utilities, no traffic connections, no jobs on the spot… then those are just bubbles that both buyers and sellers all breath in. People who foolishly sold land in the past few years, probably spent most of the money. If someone makes a savings and still has it, they probably won’t be able to buy another piece of land.

Just like that, children and grandchildren in the house, young people in the countryside do not try to study and work, just staring at the land and garden of their parents, sold and spent. With money, many people start to fall into gambling, drinking, betting, lotteries, buying large displacement cars to show off..

The question is then, after 5-10 years of selling land and spending all of their money, what will they do to continue living when they no longer have the health to work as hired laborers, or have no land to feed their old children and children? pigs, grow some vegetables… feed themselves?

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