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The “grave-digging mafia”: The problem that makes the dead also restless in Pakistan

However, there is a thorny problem that has existed for a long time, which is the problem of using money to hire people grave digging old to make room for a new grave, making both the deceased and their loved ones restless.

In the city of 20 million people, Karachi, finding a resting place for the dead is a real problem. A cemetery that has been officially full for 5 years. In this context, a new form of crime emerged, known by the term “mafia grave digging“, that is, people hired to tear down old graves to build new graves for those who do not have a burial place.

Mr. Muhammad Munir, from Karachi, said: “It is heartbreaking. My father has passed away and the grave is a place for us to remember him. But when we came here we could not find his grave.”

Even with graves with fresh flowers, which means that someone has just visited, as soon as they leave, the graves of their family members can disappear immediately.

Mafia digging graves: The problem of making the dead is also restless in Pakistan - Photo 1.

The problem of hiring grave robbers makes both the deceased and their relatives uneasy. (Photo: Express)

Meanwhile, the tenants of the “grave-digging mafia” also have to pay a price that is not cheap at all. One person said that in 1967, their family lost about 50 Rupees according to regulations to bury their loved ones, but by 2020, in order for the deceased to have a resting place, they have to spend money on “grave-digging mafia” 6 times, but there is no guarantee this grave will not be dug up by another “mafia”.

Explaining this situation, local authorities said that lack of infrastructure is the main reason. Poor infrastructure coupled with poor cemetery management are making it difficult for the people of Karachi to bury their loved ones. The problem has existed for a long time and local officials admit it will take a long time to resolve.

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