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Three Chinese astronauts landed on Earth after 6 months on the space station

From left to right: Three Chinese astronauts Diep Quang Phu, Zhuo Zhigang and Vuong Yaping in the Tianhe core module. (Photo: AP)

The astronauts completed the mission in the longest space mission to date of China’s ambitious space program.

Shenzhou 13 . spaceship landed in the Gobi Desert in the northern region of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the landing process was broadcast live on China State Television.

During the mission, astronaut Wang Yaping was the first Chinese female astronaut to make the trip space walk.

China sent its first astronaut into space in 2003, landing a rover on the moon in 2013 and on Mars in 2021. Chinese officials discussed a mission that could possible crew to the moon.

These three astronauts are the second crew on Tiangong space station. The station’s Tianhe core module will be launched in April 2021. Plans aim to complete construction this year by adding two more modules.

China has not yet announced the time when the next crew will go to the Tiangong space station.

Three Chinese astronauts landed on Earth after 6 months on the space station - Photo 1.

Astronauts land at Dongfeng Landing Ground in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northern China, on April 16, 2022. (Photo: AP)

China is the third country to send astronauts into space on its own, after the former Soviet Union and the United States.

The Tiangong space station is China’s third space station after its predecessors, launched in 2011 and 2016.

The Chinese government announced in 2020 that China’s first reusable spacecraft had landed after a test flight, but no pictures or details about the station have been released. Father.

On April 12, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the launch site in Wenchang city on the southern island of Hainan, where the Tianhe core module was launched into orbit.

President Xi Jinping told staff at the launch site in Wenchang city: “Patience in pursuing the world’s aerospace development milestones and the great strategic needs of the nation’s aerospace “.

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