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Ukraine declares hostilities in Mariupol intense, Kiev inevitably affected

Ukraine announced that the war in Mariupol was tense, Kiev could not avoid the influence - Photo 1.

Members of the Russian military ride an armored vehicle on the road leading to the city of Mariupol, Ukraine, April 15, 2022. Photo: Reuters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the military situation in the south and east of the country “remains very difficult”, while praising the achievements of the Ukrainian armed forces.

“The successes of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield are really important and have historical significance. But they are still not enough to wipe the Russian forces out of this land. We still have a lot of work to do. “, Zelensky said in a video conference, again calling on allies to send more heavy weapons and strengthen the international embargo on Russian oil and gas.

Russia said it had attacked an anti-ship missile manufacturing and repair factory on the outskirts of Kiev.

Ukraine says one of its missiles caused the Moskva to sink. Meanwhile, Moscow said the ship was sunk by a fire caused by an explosion in an ammunition depot.

Russia said more than 500 sailors on board the Moskva were evacuated after the explosion.

The ruined city of Mariupol

Mariupol, a city in southeastern Ukraine, has seen the worst fighting in the seven-week war. This was once inhabited by 400,000 people before Russia’s special military operation, now it has been reduced to ruins. Thousands of civilians have died and tens of thousands are still trapped in the city.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Motuzyanyk said on television: “The situation in Mariupol is very difficult. Fighting is happening everywhere. The Russian army is constantly adding more units to enter the city.”

Motuzyanyk said Russia has been using long-range bombers to attack Mariupol since February 24.

In his speech, President Zelensky said that by sending the weapons Kiev needed, Ukraine’s allies were able to make the war much shorter. “I have always told all our partners that the amount of assistance to Ukraine will directly affect the restoration of peace,” he said.

Moscow says its main goal is to control the Donbass, an eastern region that has been partially occupied by Russian-backed separatists.

On April 15, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said 2,864 people had been evacuated from conflict areas, including 363 from Mariupol.

Russia warns of attacks on Kiev

If Moscow captures Mariupol, it will be the only major Ukrainian city to fall to Russia to date.

The Russian Defense Ministry said it had captured the city’s Illich steel plant. The report is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers are said to be holding Azovstal, another giant steel factory here.

Both factories are owned by Metinvest – the empire of Ukraine’s richest businessman and the mainstay of eastern Ukraine’s industrial zone. Metinvest told Reuters on April 15 that it would never let its businesses operate under Russian occupation.

Moscow is by far the largest Russian ship in the Black Sea fleet, armed with guided missiles to shoot down planes and attack the coast. In addition, it also has radar to shield the fleet’s air defenses.

Moscow has used its naval power to blockade Ukrainian ports and raise fears of an amphibious assault along the coast. Without the flagship Moscow, Russia’s ability to threaten Ukraine from its shores could be difficult.

The Russian Defense Ministry said its forces would intensify attacks on Kiev.

“The number and scale of missile strikes on targets in Kiev will increase in response to any terrorist act or sabotage act on Russian territory by Ukraine,” the ministry said. “.

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