VNG Cloud “tailored” retail banking solutions to the education system

Businesses are gradually catching up with the digital economy, especially the financial and banking market is also in the integration phase. Realizing the urgency, VNG Cloud, with the strength of tailoring solutions for each business, has begun to “encroach”, prioritizing the development of the financial, banking and education industry in the near future.

Currently, many banks are facing four main difficulties, firstly, the problem of optimizing the current system and investment costs for new technology. In which, the bank’s determination in planning, optimizing the current system, even the management system and model, renewing technology to meet competition.

Secondly, with high-quality information technology human resources, we lack human resources capable of consulting, implementing and operating Cloud Computing systems.

Third, identifying security issues as the backbone of the financial and banking sector, digital banking development is facing the problem of personal information security, when the banking industry is always the number one goal. of technology crime.

Therefore, the evaluation and application of highly secure systems, as well as the willingness to restructure information technology investment costs for security, are also barriers for banks. And the fourth difficulty is finding a reliable companion, consulting and providing a comprehensive set of solutions.

“Sewing” for customers, helping banks to successfully transform digitally

The banking market has many fastidious customers who are both financially and business-minded, so it requires VNG Cloud to improve its service capacity. Currently, VNG Cloud is providing a professional cloud computing solution with scalability, security and high availability for digital banking services.

At the same time, it provides vCloudcam AI integrated camera solution and vUC customer care system on cloud computing to proactively ensure security and enhance digital experience at service counters and ATMs.

Currently, VNG Cloud is serving the infrastructure of more than 100 million users of the connection segment and more than 20 million users of the game segment. Notably, VNG Cloud also provides tailor-made solutions for each customer segment-industry, helping businesses to successfully transform digitally, focusing on their core issues, key services to offer appropriate solutions to save costs, optimize efficiency and revenue.

VNG Cloud tailors retail banking solutions to the education system - Photo 1.

Some big customers have used VNG Cloud’s services such as VIB bank with vUC service and many Top 20 banks in Vietnam using vCloudcam service…

Up to now, VNG Cloud can serve all customers in most sectors of the economy and in 2022 will focus on areas including banking and finance, multimedia, education and products export and retail. VNG Cloud’s strategy by 2025 will reach 2,500 billion in revenue, serve 50,000 businesses and occupy the No. 1 position in Vietnam’s cloud computing supply market.

Therefore, small and medium enterprises with very limited IT costs can still become VNG Cloud customers. The reason is because most small businesses today use the subscription model – just rent technology services and do not need to invest in IT infrastructure.

In addition, with a group of startup customers, VNG Cloud also has its own product ecosystem, as long as it is suitable for each problem. For example, a business with a size of 5 to 10 people only needs to register an account with one software to operate.

VNG Cloud tailors retail banking solutions to the education system - Photo 2.

Recently, VNG Cloud attended the Vietnam Retail Banking Forum 2021 as a diamond sponsor of the program and is ready to announce to the entire retail banking system with its capabilities and products. , VNG Cloud has enough technology capacity – expert team – solutions/products/services to help increase the full digital customer experience, optimize costs through digital transformation for infrastructure/technology, and ready to become a reliable partner for the retail banking system.

Specifically, as one of the first four enterprises to provide national standard cloud solutions and services, VNG Cloud fully meets 100% of the cloud computing platform criteria and specifications with 3 groups of services SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

Not only accompanying the bank, VNG Cloud also “encroached” into the education field when officially accompanying the digital transformation schools in the teaching and learning process.

VNG Cloud tailors retail banking solutions to the education system - Photo 3.

Specifically, at the recent Edutalk digital education event in the new normal – Reconstruction for adaptation with the participation of many experts and representatives from Vietnam’s leading universities and English centers, VNG Cloud launched 6 solution ecosystems such as Zalo communication solution, LMS online training solution, vCloudcam intelligent identification solution, digital identity solution to help solve online enrollment procedures TrueID, total solution vUC smart radio and finally help optimize IT equipment investment costs with Digital Workingspace solution. This is considered a comprehensive set of digital transformation solutions of VNG Cloud for the education sector (from Admissions – Training and research to graduation).

VNG Cloud tailors retail banking solutions to the education system - Photo 4.

In addition, VNG Cloud also offers a plan to improve the quality of training management and the effectiveness of online lecture halls, apply technology in operating the system, support enrollment, post-enrollment, and announce policies. 1 – 1 dedicated to the education block 2022.


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