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What is a vaccine passport and where can a vaccine passport be made?

Regarding the question: “What is a vaccine passport and where can a vaccine passport be made?”, Mr. Do Truong Duy – Director of the Information Technology Department (Ministry of Health) said, vaccine passport Electronic is an electronic certificate of Covid-19 vaccination issued by the Ministry of Health to people, using standards issued by the World Health Organization and the European Union.

Vaccine passport This is currently being used in 62 countries and will be used by more countries in the near future.

What is a vaccine passport and where can a vaccine passport be made?  - Photo 1.

Vaccine passport People’s Covid-19 will be displayed on the PC-Covid application. Photo CTV

According to Mr. Duy, in the past few days, the Ministry of Health has begun to sign and confirm the results of the establishment’s Covid-19 vaccine vaccination submitted to the system. By the afternoon of April 15, through the aggregated data of 200 Covid-19 vaccination facilities, nearly 500,000 Vietnamese people had been given the vaccine vaccine passport.

Vaccine passport where do you work?

Many people also wonder “Vaccine passport where?” and “Want to have vaccine passport What should be done?”.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ba Hung, Deputy Director of the Health Data Center, Information Technology Department (Ministry of Health), people have been vaccinated, accurately declared information and have been entered by vaccination facilities. Enter the vaccination system, verify the correct information with the National Database on Population, which will be issued vaccine passport without having to perform any further procedures.

Thus, people only need to get vaccinated and provide complete and accurate information to the vaccination facility for accurate data.

“Only data that has been properly verified with the National Database on Population can digitally sign. For data that are falsely authenticated or cannot be authenticated due to missing or incorrect information, facilities Inoculation must be reviewed, supplemented, and verified with the National Population Database,” Mr. Hung shared.

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People do not need to go anywhere to get a vaccine passport, those who get vaccinated and have accurate information such as the National Database of Population will be issued a vaccine passport. Illustration Istockphoto

Form vaccine passport has been issued by the Ministry of Health since December 2021, including 11 fields of information, including full name, date of birth, disease, number of injections, injection date, dose, vaccine product… Information is displayed displayed by QR Code for security, avoiding errors, revealing personal information.

Vaccine passport are displayed on the electronic Health Book application, PC-Covid or look up on the website of the Ministry of Health by entering 4 information: full name, date of birth, gender, citizen identification, date nearest injection, then declare personal email to receive passport.

However, up to now, only nearly 500,000 people have been granted vaccine passport. The Ministry of Health is urging vaccination facilities to digitally sign vaccination certificates to send to the system for the Department of Preventive Health to digitally sign. vaccine passport for the citizen.

In the coming time, if people look up on the electronic health book or PC-COVID but do not see that they have been issued, vaccine passport may be due to incorrect personal information, not matching the National Database on Population.

“People need to contact the vaccination facility to be supplemented, updated or reflected on the Covid-19 vaccination portal https://tiemchungcovid19.gov.vn. In addition, people can call to The switchboard of the Ministry of Health at 19009095 to reflect or advise on issues related to vaccine passports, “emphasized Mr. Hung.

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