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What is the usual ‘penis’ length and girth? Things Men Should Know

The penis is a male organ with functions such as reproduction and urination. Just like any other part of the body, every person’s penis is different in size.

Here’s what you need to know about the normal size of your penis.

    1. What is the normal length of the penis?

The penis when it is soft or when it is erect will have different sizes. Estimates of average penis length vary widely. For example, a study of the penis size of American men showed that the average erect penis is about 14 centimeters long.

However, another study suggested that there are many unknowns with studies on penis length, one of the main problems being accuracy. Most of these studies were based on self-reported measurements by the participants, which is subject to bias.

A 2019 study notes that most men believe the average length of an erect penis is about 15.2 centimeters. In fact, the average is much smaller.

In addition, there are many other studies on penis length, click this to read more about these studies.

What is the usual 'penis' length and girth?  Things men should know - Photo 1.

The length and girth of the gentlemen’s penis will not be the same. Illustration

2. What is the usual ‘little guy’ circumference?

Men’s penises will have different girth.

A 2014 study of the penis size of American men found that the average erect penis girth was about 12 centimeters.

However, as with penis length, many studies of penis circumference use only self-reported data, which may not be completely accurate.

3. What is the curvature of the penis?

    Some men have a completely straight penis when erect. However, many penises have a certain curvature. There are three main types of penile curvature: upward, downward, or left (right) curves.

    Curved penises are quite common and are often thought of as normal. This is rarely painful and will not make it difficult to have sex.

    However, an abnormally curved penis can be a sign of Peyronie’s disease with symptoms such as:

    – the skin on the penis thickens

    – There is plaque on the body of the penis

    – pain in the penis

    – erectile dysfunction

    Scientists are also not sure what causes Peyronie’s disease.

    A common explanation is minor trauma and repeated trauma to the penis. This can happen during intercourse or masturbation.

    Peyronie’s disease can also occur from a fracture of the penis. In addition, genetic factors can also contribute to the development of this condition.

    Anyone who suspects they have Peyronie’s disease should seek assistance from medical professionals. Sometimes, people with the disease do not experience other problems such as pain, their penis can still be sexually active and do not need medical intervention.

    In some cases, doctors will recommend surgery to remove plaque or reduce the curvature of the penis.

      4. What’s the ‘boy’ size ratio?

    For some men, the circumference of the shaft of the penis is equal to the circumference of the head of the penis.

    However, for other men, the ratio may be different. Some people have a larger girth of the tip of the penis than the circumference of the shaft, or vice versa.

      5. Foreskin

    The male penis has a retractable layer of skin that covers the tip of the penis, called the foreskin.

    The penis of a circumcised man exposes the foreskin. Meanwhile, the uncircumcised penis will have skin covering the glans, especially when the penis is not erect.

    Many people have opted for surgical removal of the foreskin, a process known as male circumcision.

    Uncircumcised men may also experience narrowing of the foreskin, which can lead to irritation and infection. Doctors often recommend that people with this condition be circumcised to limit infection.


    Information on the internet about penis size can be wrong, causing many people to misunderstand the length and girth of the ‘little penis’. In fact, like other body parts, penis sizes vary widely.

    Anyone concerned about their penis can seek medical advice from reputable experts.

    Source: Medical News Today

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