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“What is um ba la that young people talk about so much?”

“Um ba la” is a popular, common phrase, used a lot by young people in recent times. People use it as a joke, to entertain, to show that something is going to happen unexpectedly. There was also a song “um ba la” was born, which was loved by the audience.

In the past, this phrase was often used by magicians. Surely you are familiar with the image of a magician shouting “huo ba la” before pulling a rabbit out of a hat? So why do they say “um ba la” instead of another mantra? If you do not have the answer, please refer to the article below, surely you will be surprised and interesting by this phrase!

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According to many documents, “um ba la” is a transliteration of “abracadabra” – a spell used in folk magic in the West, capable of curing inflammation and fever. Later, Western magicians often chanted this word when performing, so it became widely popular. When coming to Vietnam, it was transliterated into Vietnamese, called “um ba la”.

Regarding the origin of “abracadabra”, there are different opinions. Among them, the most popular opinion is that it comes from “abraxas” – a Gnostic mantra. It is an ancient religious doctrine that advocates moving away from the material world and towards spiritual life.

“Abraxas” is the name of the supreme being in Gnosticism. It is theorized that “abraxas” is a combination of “abrak” and “sax” in Egyptian, which means “glorified” or “divine”. Scholar Issac de Beausobre defines “abraxas” as “a beautiful, miraculous savior”.

In Vietnam, in the Vietnamese Dictionary of the Institute of Languages ​​(1998), the explanation is quite simple: “Um” – read spells to make spells. In the famous and diverse Vietnamese Dictionary of Vietnam by Le Van Duc and Le Ngoc Tru, they also briefly annotate: “The Prajnaparamita” – mantra (omeni) without explaining its etymology.

In short, “úm ba la” is a transliteration of “abracadabra”, which is derived from the word “abraxas”. Its meaning is “glorified”, “divine” or “wonderful, miraculous savior”.

In addition, this word is also engraved on amulets of some Western countries and India. They wear amulets to pray for peace and wish to cure diseases. They claim that this magical formula has the ability to attract the help of good spirits. As a result, the healing process becomes favorable. ma-toat-mo-hoi-tran-20220413080909523.chn

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