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Which hairstyle suits your face?

Based on your face shape, try to choose the right hairstyle and compare it with the advice of expert Ted Gibson (USA).

Which hairstyle suits your face?

Round face: The width of the face is close to the length, the cheekbones are low, the lines are soft, full.

A. Flat bangs bob

B. Curly hair with instant noodles

C. Layered bob haircut

D. Shoulder length hair down, side swept bangs

Which hairstyle suits your face?  - first

Long face: face width is very narrow, face length is almost twice the width.

A. Straight hair, shoulder length or shoulder length, no bangs

B. Middle parted hair

C. Short, wavy hair

D. Long hair, tied in a ponytail

Which hairstyle suits your face?  - 2

Square face: face of equal length and width, sharp jawline, wide to the sides, width of the forehead roughly equal to the width of the jaw, almost no cheekbones.

A. Pointy bob hair

B. pixie hair

C. Long straight hair

D. Bangs

Which hairstyle suits your face?  - 3

Oval face: relatively high forehead, slightly longer face length than width, full temples, narrow jawline and chin.

A. Shoulder-length hair

B. Small wavy curly hair

C. Sparse bob hair

D. All three answers above are correct

Which hairstyle suits your face?  - 4

Heart face: forehead and cheekbones roughly equal in width, narrow jawline, pointed chin, face length slightly larger than width.

A. Side-swept bangs, long tails or cut with

B. Bob hair bulging on the bottom pointedly

C. Bangs

D. pixie hair

Which hairstyle suits your face?  - 5

Diamond face: cheekbones wider than jawline, chin narrow and pointed, face length roughly equal to width, temples concave.

A. Short hair

B. Lob curly hair noodles

C. mullet hair

D. Curly bob hair


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