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Who should not eat brown rice?

Brown rice is a whole grain, with the hard outer shell removed, leaving the bran and germ. Because it does not have to go through the process of grinding and pounding, brown rice contains a large amount of nutrition rich, rich in vitamins, protein, fiber and a number of trace elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, sodium…

According to experts, although brown rice is very good for heart health, reduces the risk of diabetes, promotes bone health and supports weight loss very effectively, but not everyone can eat brown rice regularly. often.

Here are the people who should not eat brown rice.

Poor digestion

Brown rice is harder and has more fiber than white rice, making it difficult to digest. People with poor digestion, if they eat a lot of brown rice, it will make the stomach work hard, easily causing varicose veins and stomach bleeding. Therefore, people with poor digestion or digestive diseases should only eat white rice.

Who should not eat brown rice?  - first

People with poor digestion should not eat brown rice. (Artwork: Eva)

People with calcium and iron deficiency

People who are deficient in calcium and iron should absolutely not eat a lot of brown rice. This food contains phytic acid, which when combined with minerals will precipitate, hindering the body’s absorption process.

People with low immunity

Brown rice contains a lot of fiber, consuming more than 50 grams of fiber per day will interfere with protein absorption, affecting the functioning of organs in the body and the immune system. Therefore, people with low immunity should not eat a lot of brown rice.

People who are physically active

Brown rice is a raw food, lacking in protein, fat and providing little energy, so it is not suitable for people who regularly engage in heavy physical activity. According to experts, people who do strong physical exercises should eat foods high in protein to supplement energy.

Puberty Children

Puberty is a time when the body has special requirements for nutrients and energy. Children at this age eating brown rice will not be able to provide enough nutrition. Even the amount of fiber in brown rice hinders absorption and makes the child’s body nutritional deficiency.

Elderly people and children

Young children with incomplete digestive function and the elderly with impaired digestive function, eating brown rice containing a lot of fiber will cause indigestion, creating a great burden on the stomach.

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