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Xiaomi launched a self-cleaning robot with a camera

Mijia B101CN vacuum cleaner robot is equipped with the ability to wash mops, dry, vacuum automatically and integrate a camera.

Xiaomi Mijia B101CN.

Xiaomi Mijia B101CN.

The latest version of the Mijia robot vacuum cleaner series is similar to the STYTJ06ZHM or Dreame Bot W10 in the ability to wash and dry mops by itself, but with an upgraded automatic vacuuming capability like the Dreame Z10. The product will be a direct competitor of Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI being sold in Vietnam for VND 20-24 million (depending on the domestic or international version).

The machine comes with a dock with two water tanks, each with a capacity of 4 liters to help store clean water and dirty water after washing. The stand has a hot air drying system, increasing the efficiency by 70% compared to the STYTJ06ZHM version. The machine also uses a wiping mechanism with two rotating rags on both sides similar to the W10. When mopping, the rag part exerts 10 N pressure on the floor. The robot also lifts the rag by 7mm when it walks through the carpet with a height of 5mm to avoid getting stuck.

Rag washing and drying system on the robot's dock.

Rag washing and drying system on the robot’s dock.

Unlike the Dreame Z10 or the Eva Bot series, the Mijia B101CN places the trash bag holder in front of the dock like the Deebot X1 OMNI. Depending on the settings, the robot will automatically suck the garbage inside onto the storage dock. This equipment helps users do not have to clean garbage often.

The big upgrade of the device is a front-facing camera system similar to the Roborock S6 MaxV or S7 MaxV series. As a result, the device can detect objects such as power cords, charging cables, socks, children’s toys to avoid. Users can also monitor videos remotely via the Mi Home app. Xiaomi calls this the S-Cross AI system and can upgrade itself, avoiding objects more effectively after a while of use.

Xiaomi does not announce the battery capacity of the Mijia B101CN but says that the device can support two hours of continuous cleaning. The machine has a suction capacity of 4,000 Pa – the most powerful currently on the market. The charging dock has a suction force of 17,000 Pa to pick up trash from the robot.

Smart object detection camera.

Smart object detection camera.

Other features are fully available on Mijia B101CN including remote control, cleaning schedule via the application. Users can save maps, edit virtual walls, and prohibit cleaning areas through Mi Home software.

Mijia B101CN is priced at 4,599 yuan (VND 17.6 million) and will start selling in China at the end of this month. Currently, the new product only has a domestic version and only connects when using a server in China.

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