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4 “hotboys” of Vietnam Tel have the love “sister, I love you”

The age difference in love is inherently not as important as the fact that both of them really have feelings for and cherish each other. It is interesting that many Vietnamese football players have such love affairs.

The love story “sister, I love you” of the Vietnamese players makes fans admire and somewhat jealous. Let’s take a look at these 4 super sweet loves.

1. Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam and his girlfriend Yen Xuan

Dang Van Lam has never made his girlfriend public on social networks, but if you watch closely, fans can still easily recognize the “clues” about this goalkeeper’s beautiful girlfriend. That’s Bui Thi Yen Xuan.


Dang Van Lam and his girlfriend Yen Xuan.

Yen Xuan was born in 1991, 2 years older than Van Lam, currently living in Ho Chi Minh City. She is a PT, specializing in instructing exercises to get in good shape. Possessing a beautiful face and hot body, Yen Xuan makes fans admire.

Despite the age difference, Van Lam and Yen Xuan have had a strong relationship for 5 years. The WAGs used to go to Thailand when Van Lam wore Muangthong United, to Japan when Van Lam played for Cerezo Osaka to cheer and encourage her boyfriend. On special occasions such as Christmas or New Year, Yen Xuan also goes to Russia to visit Van Lam’s family. The 31-year-old girl is very close to Van Lam’s sister and often checks in whenever she meets.

2. Midfielder Nguyen Hoang Duc and his girlfriend Gia Han

Hoang Duc is the star with the most progress in recent times. He not only became the mainstay of Viettel FC and Vietnam Tel, but also won the Vietnam Golden Ball title 2021. This is a worthy reward for this player’s efforts.


Hoang Duc and Gia Han are very beautiful couple.

Successful on the pitch, Hoang Duc also has a good love story. The midfielder’s girlfriend is Nguyen Gia Han, born in 1997, 1 year older than him. Gia Han is widely recognized by fans as one of the WAGs who have the most beauty in the water.

A girl from Dong Nai is the owner of a beauty salon. Although geographically distant (Hoang Duc was stationed with Viettel in Hanoi, his hometown of Hai Duong), the two still took advantage of their free time to meet. Gia Han also often goes to the yard to cheer her boyfriend on to play. Last Tet 2021, Hoang Duc brought Gia Han to introduce to his parents and relatives.

3. Defender Ho Tan Tai and his fiancée Hieu Pham

Defender Tan Tai is quite secretive about his love life and has relatively little information about his girlfriend on social networks. However, after shining with a goal against China in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, Tan Tai was more open. His girlfriend is Pham Thi Hieu, born in 1995, 2 years older than Tan Tai.


Tan Tai prepares to marry Hieu Pham.

Both are from the same hometown of Binh Dinh, have spent 3 years researching and decided to get married on April 20. Pham Hieu scored with a beautiful face and sexy dress. On his personal page, Tan Tai’s fiancée rarely shares photos with her boyfriend. Instead, she focused on spa work.

4. Goalkeeper Nguyen Van Toan and his girlfriend Thu Uyen

Like Van Lam, goalkeeper Van Toan also has a girlfriend 2 years older than him. That is Thu Uyen, born in 1997. The couple has been dating since July 2019. Van Toan publicized his love affair with Thu Uyen after the 30th SEA Games in the Philippines ended. Thu Uyen is also from Hai Phong, so the two do not have geographical obstacles.


Van Toan with his girlfriend Thu Uyen.

She is not too prominent and is not active on social media as much as other WAGs, but is still interested by her delicate face and big round eyes.

In particular, Thu Uyen is a “hard fan” of Hai Phong football club. This is also the reason why this “I love you” couple has known and felt for each other.

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