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40 m2 vegetable garden on Trung Dan’s terrace

Artist Trung Dan grows cucumbers, strawberries, cowpeas, woody grapes, sweet vegetables… on a 40 m2-wide terrace to reduce stress and create daily pleasures.

Trung Dan artist vegetable garden

Currently, the artist lives in a house in Ho Chi Minh City with his wife, children and grandchildren. At the age of 55, Trung Dan still participates in movies and plays regularly.

Trung Dan was born in 1967 in Hoc Mon in a purely farming family. In 1992, he graduated from School of Dramatic Arts II (now Ho Chi Minh City School of Theater and Cinema). He is known for playing the role of Ten “barbers” in the play Under the Bodhi tree. Trung Dan He is also the teacher of many young actors today. He is considered by his colleagues as an exemplary elder in the profession.

Hoang Dung – Duong Quang

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