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Android 13 can provide better gaming performance

Based on the new code discovered in the developer preview of Android 13, Android gamers may be in for a pleasant surprise.

According to Android Authoritythe latest preview of Android 13 includes a new method in the GameManager API called setGameState that allows a game to pass on the state of the platform and whether or not it is loading something. This can help speed up game loading by prioritizing CPU usage and resulting in better overall performance.

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Gamers will get a better gaming experience on Android 13


Using the new method, games can tell the system whether they should be interrupted. This feature can directly affect load times by allowing developers to make system requirements increasing productivity CPU and don’t let anything get in the way of loading resources, content… Since resource loading is often what slows down the game the most, this feature can greatly improve the overall experience, helping to convert more seamless from scene to scene.

In addition to setting the game state, Android 13 is also ready to bring programmable shaders into the game, which will give developers more options than the current RuntimeShaders. This will allow developers to create more advanced graphics and give them fine-grained control over the look and feel. game their better.

In the event that setGameState is included in the final version, Android 13 could provide some good performance improvements for gaming and help developers create more engaging games.

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