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Bees can kill hundreds of people and cause bankruptcy!

Recently, on April 16, a rare incident happened when a Vietnam Airlines flight from Phu Quoc to Hanoi had to delay the take-off time for an hour because the technical department discovered that a herd of bee inside the engine planes.

Vietnam Airlines plane delayed due to bees: Creatures that can kill many people and cause bankruptcy!  - Photo 1.

The technical department drove the bees out of the plane’s engine. Photo: Traffic newspaper

Immediately after, the bees were driven away to avoid unnecessary risks and the flight was departed at 18:20. In fact, the plane being delayed due to the detection of snakes or birds in the engine has happened in the world.

What are the consequences of bees clinging to aircraft engines?

According to director Judy Alexander of Tucson International Airport, USA: “The bees seem to like the smell of jet engine fuel and especially the yellow color of Southwest Airlines planes. (a low-cost airline)”.

Vietnam Airlines plane delayed due to bees: Creatures that can kill many people and cause bankruptcy!  - Photo 2.

Bees cling to plane engines. Photo: Dream

According to George Botta – a bee exterminator in Las Vegas and working at the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA), the US said: “While bees clinging to an engine isn’t as bad as a flock of birds hitting an airplane, they can make the engine covered with honey.”.

This can cause some damage as the bees can carry some small honey on them when they move. There are even flights that were forced to make an emergency landing when bees were detected in the plane, like the case of Flybe aircraft with number BE384.

Or as a domestic flight in 2014 in the US was also forced to land because a swarm of bees was sucked into the engine. The pilot had to return to the ground to ensure the safety of the flight (according to Theguardian).

Passengers on the flight told local media they had smelled burning inside the plane. Although so far, there have been no unfortunate cases of accidents when bees get into the engine, but they are still considered a potential danger.

Bees can be dangerous when attached to other parts of the plane

Besides affecting aircraft engines, bees sticking to other parts can also be equally dangerous. For example, the Boeing 757 plane carrying 189 passengers in February 1996 crashed just 5 minutes after takeoff.

The reason is that the Pitot tube – a pressure measuring device used to calculate the speed of an aircraft has been attached to a swarm of mud bees. This causes the speed measurement to be affected leading to an incorrect reading of the actual speed of the aircraft.

This plane then crashed into the sea, killing all on board (according to Nytimes). It was later reported that the plane had not been used for the previous 20 days and the Pitot tube had been nested inside by a swarm of mud bees.

Watch video:

The plane crashed because of just a few bees, the airline went bankrupt after that. Video source: Taimodel

On September 12, 1980, another similar accident involving bees nesting in a Pitot tube caused a passenger plane named Douglas DC-3A of Florida Commuter Airlines Flight 65 to crash in the air. way to the Bahamas.

All 34 passengers and crew were killed after the unfortunate accident. The cause was determined to be due to the airspeed index being destroyed by the mud dauber (Mud dauber) in the plane’s pitot tube (according to Palmbeachpost).

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