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Chau Bui, Doan Di Bang and a series of young Vietnamese people are flocking to work

Up to now, it must be said that it has been nearly 3 years for foreign travel to be “smooth” (somewhat) again after the serious impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since opening international flights from March 15, Vietnamese people tend to go abroad significantly. The top priority destinations include the UK, the US, Thailand, Singapore… – all of these are countries with not too complicated travel procedures, wide open to receive foreign tourists without or taking only a little time. isolation period (as of April 10).

Singapore is currently one of the most “open” countries to foreign visitors. Many Vietnamese, including celebrities like Chau Bui and Doan Di Bang, have just come to visit. Here is everything you need to prepare and note to come to Singapore. Procedures apply from April 1.

Going to Singapore now the procedure is super easy: Chau Bui, Doan Di Bang and a series of young Vietnamese people are flocking to Vietnam - Photo 1.

Preparation procedures from the Vietnamese side (papers can be printed in hard copies or used in soft copies by phone)

– Air tickets to Singapore: Diversified, average 1 flight/day from now until the end of April, with direct flights by Vietnam Airlines/Vietjet Air. Price from 3 million – 7 million / way depending on the company.

– Quick test or PCR test 48 HOURS before flight departure time. Ask the test unit to provide the English version of the results, return it by mail, and add your passport on the result. Cost about 150k – 200k for quick test, 400k – 500k for PCR. At Tan Son Nhat airport, the domestic terminal has an on-site test counter.

– Certificate of complete vaccination from 2 doses of vaccine. Using the PC-Covid app or the website is acceptable, as long as the information is correct.

– Download the SG Arrival Card app, declare the entry declaration online, send it back to the email. This declaration and app will be used throughout Singapore to enter and exit points, the inspection unit is ICA.

– Download the TraceTogether app to track the location, declare and activate as follows: Register with a Vietnamese phone number, get OPT code, declare information, when you go through Singapore immigration procedures, it will be activated.

– In Singapore, there is a currency exchange, so there is no need to change it in advance, but most services can be swiped and paid with a visa card, no fee, but the exchange rate is also reasonable.

– General note: Currently PCR test is not required, travel insurance is optional (but should be), no entry permit is required, no need to re-test, no need to book a hotel room with SHA standard.

Apps you need to have in your phone before going to Singapore

Procedures when entering Singapore

– If you have declared on the SG Arrival Card, stand straight in the check-in line. The staff will check, if not, they will have to stand outside to declare first.

– Change the PC-Covid language to English, give the staff to scan the passport.

– Take photos, scan fingerprints, hand over documents for staff to check depending on each person’s request.

– Get the luggage, open TraceTogether and activate. Wait for 15 minutes for the app to update the status of the fruit IMMEDIATELY. If you haven’t updated it, don’t leave the airport. In some cases, updating information takes 24 hours, you will have difficulty moving in Singapore on the first day. Then contact the Tourist Center in Orchard to ask for the procedure.

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Procedures for moving while in Singapore

– Always carry your phone with you, have to scan the code on TraceTogether to get in and out anywhere in Singapore (restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, spas…)

– Masks are not required to be worn outdoors but are required to be worn in indoor areas.

– With bus and MRT, you can pay directly by swiping your current bank card, no need to buy an Ez-link card and then top up as before.

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Procedures when returning to Vietnam

– Quick test ART 24 HOURS or PCR 72 HOURS (required PCR) before flying. At Terminal 3, floor B2 of Changi Airport, there is a test counter to get immediate results, priced at S$27.

– Declare entry on page for entry, take screenshots of results, update/upload photos.

– Entry to Vietnam is not far from Iy, no insurance, no re-test upon entry, you can go straight home.

Going to Singapore is now super easy: Chau Bui, Doan Di Bang and a series of young Vietnamese people are flocking to Vietnam - Photo 5.

Currently, the procedure to go to Singapore is quite easy, wish you a smooth journey! sang-vi-vu-20220417120625829.chn

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