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Fans were heartbroken with Miss Khanh Van and Tieu Vy’s cut-out skirt

Although she shows off her charming figure, the skirt style is cut in a dangerous place Miss Khanh VanTieu Vy and many beautiful people always make fans’ hearts flutter and worry.

Competition Miss Universe Vietnam started to get excited when 71 beautiful faces were found to enter the reality TV round Miss Khanh Vanwith the role of a host also makes fans “eyesore” with sexy outfits with bold cuts.

The cut dress style is just right Khanh Van on the evening of April 16, when the Top 71 contestants entered the reality TV competition round I am Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 officially announced to the media and audience.

Fans were heartbroken with Miss Khanh Van and Tieu Vy's cut-out skirt - photo 2

The design is in gold color, with a tight neck, long sleeves but uses many straight hexagonal cuts. The most noticeable detail is the upside-down V-shaped cut out showing off the entire 2nd round and a part of the late Khanh Van’s breasts.

Miss Khanh Van flaunts a flat stomach with a design that emphasizes the waist with V-shaped decorations. Although the entire cut out is covered with translucent mesh, the sexy beauty “sore the eyes” still makes fans secretly worry. care for the 27-year-old beauty. Not only at this event did Khanh Van daringly dress up. Right from the pre-qualification rounds of the South and North, the 27-year-old beauty has continuously surprised fans by alternating between charming princess dresses and low-cut dresses.

Also following the trend of wearing a skirt with a cleavage is Miss Tran Tieu Vy. In an event belonging to Miss World Vietnam 2022Tieu Vy wears a Cerulean blue dress and is likened to a “mermaid” by designer Do Long. The dress model has a shirt like a bra to wear outside, long sleeves combined with gloves cause a secret. Therefore, although showing off many body parts, it is not really flattering and beautiful.

Since the end of her term as Miss, Tieu Vy boldly pursues a bold and sexy fashion style. However, not every outfit that a beauty wears helps her shine.

Fans were heartbroken with Miss Khanh Van and Tieu Vy's cut-out skirt - photo 6

Regularly appearing with the beauties of all Misses and runner-ups Miss Vietnam Worldbut Tieu Vy always dresses differently, according to the seductive style she likes. Before the blue dress model, she once scored a beautiful dress when wearing the cleavage design of designer Le Thanh Hoa.

Bold and powerful cuts on designs Sha Vu of the Le Thanh Hoa surprised fashionistas. Sexy beauty is also expressed more vividly and emotionally when the evening dresses are worn by the top beauties of showbiz, such as Miss Tieu Vy.

The inverted V-shaped cutout on the design is combined with side decorations, the slanted flap shows off her long legs while the sleeves are combined into white gloves.

Fans were heartbroken with Miss Khanh Van and Tieu Vy's cut-out skirt - photo 9

Before Khanh Van and Tieu Vy, Miss Thuy Tien used to wear a “painful” jumpsuit model with an inverted V-shaped cutout showing off part of the first bust.

This dress model used to be Runner-up Kim Duyen dress up when fighting in Miss Universe 2021.

After the Misses, the two girls in the Top 71 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has also caught up with the trend of wearing dresses that are popular with beauties recently. Beauties Pham Thi Kim Vui (Dong Nai) and Vu Thuy Quynh (Dien Bien) together chose an evening dress with a deep cut below the chest when attending the event to announce the Top 70 contestants. Miss Universe Vietnam just held on the evening of April 16, 2022.

Can see style skirt cut in dangerous places There will also be many beautiful people dressed up, not only in addition to the famous names such as Khanh Van, Tieu Vy or the queen Thuy Tien.

Photo: NVCC

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