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Hearing the diagnosis immediately burst into tears

Tieu Dong (China), 5 years old, is about to enter 1st grade. The boy is very intelligent, agile, active and develops completely normally. But recently, Tieu Dong’s mother saw boy there are many uncertainties. Many days the boy did not take a nap, quietly waiting for everyone to go to sleep and then hid in his room alone.

Seeing the incident continue many times, Tieu Dong’s mother decided to sneak up to see what her son was doing. When she peered through the gap in the door, the mother froze when she saw him wearing his sister’s dress. Even Tieu Dong wears a lot of jewelry and dances in front of the mirror. Tieu Dong saw his mother, he was a little embarrassed and said: “I think your dress is very beautiful, so I want to try it on.”

A 5-year-old son often hides in his room, dancing in front of the mirror, his parents rush to see a doctor: Hearing the diagnosis, he burst into tears - Photo 1.

Tieu Dong often hides in her room and wears her sister’s dress.

His mother told the story to her husband, who comforted him that perhaps he was playing for fun, nothing to worry about. But after a while, Tieu Dong still repeats the same action, even with more frequency. At this point, his parents took him to the hospital for a checkup.

At the hospital, the doctor asked Tieu Dong a lot. He said that he has an older sister and feels that his parents always pamper and care for her more. Parents often say: “I’m a girl, you have to protect me!”, “You should yield to me because I’m the weaker sex”… Therefore, Tieu Dong thinks that becoming a girl will be more loved by her parents.

The doctor narrated the story to Tieu Dong’s parents. Both of them burst into tears. They did not expect that everyday words and actions that they thought were normal would cause their children to form distorted thoughts. With the advice of a doctor, Tieu Dong’s parents changed their education methods so that their children could grow up healthy and comprehensive.

5-year-old son often hides in his room, dances in front of the mirror, his parents rush to see a doctor: Hearing the diagnosis, he burst into tears - Photo 3.

After listening to the doctor, Tieu Dong’s mother burst into tears. (Illustrated image)

For couples who have multiple children, they often unintentionally care more about one of the two children. This makes the remaining child pitiful and psychologically hurt. This is something that many parents have but do not know. In fact, when giving birth to more children, parents should balance their emotions and pay attention to their children’s emotions. Here’s what parents should do:

– Try to be fair: Many parents often teach their children such as: “You have to yield to me!”, “I’m a girl, you should share with me!”,… This is not wrong, but parents should express it so that their children understand, not force them. Parents, try to give your children a balance, both in material and in love.

– Avoid comparisons: Parents should never ask their children questions like: “Why don’t you clean the room like your sister?” or “My sister always gets good grades, why can’t I?”,… If they say so, parents may aggravate their child’s feelings of jealousy. Although parents do not mean to hate their children, these words unintentionally make children think: “My parents love me more than me.”

– Nurture and educate the special qualities of each child: Encourage your child’s own passions. When each child’s special talents are recognized, they put their siblings aside and build self-esteem.

– Spend priority alone time with each child: Children love spending time with their parents. Therefore, parents should prioritize this. Spend time alone with each child so that he or she feels cared for and loved.

Set clear boundaries: Children need to learn to respect each other. That means older siblings are not allowed to make fun of me. Just like the younger siblings, they need to learn not to cause trouble for their siblings.

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