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“Hidden” in the stock Zalo/Tele groups, many people look forward to more confidential news, but unexpectedly turn into a “brooding” chicken that doesn’t know!

The “communication and marketing” masters are dirty, knitting nets, trapping investors in many channels

In the last 3 years, there has been a trend of stock investment following zalo and telegram signal groups. Almost 90% of people investing in securities or financial investments will be “located” in both 4-5 groups such as facebook, zalo, telegram. And most of these small “investors” do not really understand the market, even they see securities as a “game” rather than investors, this is the group that is most easily affected by “brokers”. “, lead the crew.

The phenomenon of

Ms. Hoang Yen, owner of a restaurant in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, shared in PLO newspaper: Seeing that her friends make good money from investing in stocks, she decided to join the stock market for fear of losing opportunities.

“Honestly, I don’t understand when I read the electronic board of the stock. Seeing the financial statements has troubles and headaches, so I listen to my friends on Facebook or Zalo. Even when someone “inboxes” this stock tomorrow. going up, buy it quickly… then I put money in it, but I don’t know what the company is producing, how it is profit and loss.” – Yen shared honestly.

In fact, slang terms like “driver team” in forums and media refer to people with deep expertise, wide relationships and strong financial potential. From the fact that “players” are lured from many sources about drivers’ groups, they will “accidentally” listen to posts on websites, through market signals or financial statements without any any specialized knowledge. The “preys” often don’t know or know quite a bit about who the group admins are, have never shaken hands with them, even, they’ve never had a coffee conversation.

Pulling the “FOMO” effect, launching signals and suddenly taking profits in bulk, pushing the risk on customers

Mostly, the trick that prominent “drivers” are to label securities brokers in the Zalo and Telegram signal groups and often lead F0 investors from the moment they learn and during the investment process. Many times stocks from these brokers can go up to 2x, 3x, 4x even very high, but after a short time, they fall below 1x, causing huge losses to retail investors.

Typically, stocks belonging to the Louis system (TGG, BII, LDP, AGM, SMT) and FLC of Chairman Trinh Van Quyet with the trick of manipulating stock prices. With the same formula, when the stocks from the market price level with a glass of iced tea have continuously peaked, leading the price waves, increasing dozens of times in a short time, on the stock market, but after It dropped sharply again.

The phenomenon of

Many people mistakenly believe that the form of food following the “driver” of the stock market will make it easy to get rich, without knowing anything about the risks of “following” following the “steering team”. Crowd psychology is the factor that helps the “driver team” to create waves. Usually, the price pushing up is agreed within the “driver team” and they create a trap to lure retail investors to follow.

However, due to the gloomy market, the price has not yet reached the expected point, the market shakes, and retail investors immediately sold out massively. The “driver team” now with three heads and six arms couldn’t help it and was stuck with a pile of high-priced stocks in a trap set up by themselves.

Looking at it objectively, the activities of the stock “steering team” are both negative and positive. As someone who wants to go the long way with the stock market, investors need to understand the market well and have enough professional knowledge to get from the information of the “driver” of the stock market. From the experience of reading market fluctuations, withstanding psychological pressure, to the knowledge at your fingertips, your own to choose the appropriate trading codes.

Care should be taken with the information that on the signal groups is for reference only. Participants have the right to listen or not, because the decision to buy or sell is up to them. However, following the hints to learn is different from buying today, tomorrow is certainly very risky.

Representative of the State Securities Commission, Ms. Ta Thanh Binh – Director of the Securities Market Development Department, once gave warnings.

Recently, the financial and stock markets have fluctuated quite strongly in recent sessions. In which, there are many securities investment associations and groups created on social networks as a place to exchange, consult information, and support investors in making buying and selling decisions on the stock market.

However, through forums, social networking groups Zalo, Facebook, Telegram… there has been a phenomenon of spreading rumors, spreading fake documents and untrue information for the purpose of enticing and inciting investors. securities trading. Meanwhile, acts of spreading false rumors, colluding, and enticing others to buy and sell to manipulate securities prices are prohibited acts under the Law on Securities.

The phenomenon of

“We advise investors to be careful and consider carefully to avoid being enticed by information flows in cyberspace and these chat groups!” – Ms. Binh stated.

The regulator affirmed that the fundamental factors supporting the market are still positive, investors need to be alert to fake news and rumors. At the same time, it will coordinate with functional agencies to strictly handle those who spread and spread fake news.

The Prime Minister has consecutively sent 2 public messages; in which has directed many measures to ensure the stock market, corporate bond market stable, healthy, transparent, safe and sustainable development.

Besides, in the context of many fake news and rumors as recently, investors need to closely monitor information at official information sources, to avoid unwanted psychological impact leading to mistakes. in investment. ga-ap-chung-ma-chang-hay-20220415011939836.chn

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