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How to make delicious and easy cabbage pizza

Prepare materials

  • 1. Cabbage, egg, sausage, onion, cheese
  • 2. Cooking oil, salt, fish sauce or seasoning to taste

Cabbage It is a vegetable that contains many nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Cabbage can process many delicious dishes such as boiled cabbage, sautéed cabbage, salad, pickled cabbage. But have you ever tried to break the way with cabbage pizza? Skip the traditional ways of eating cabbage. Try to cook delicious, round cabbage pizza for the whole family to enjoy.

How to make cabbage pizza


Chop cabbage into small pieces.

cabbage pizza

Soak chopped cabbage in water with a little vinegar for about 10 minutes. Take out to dry.

cabbage pizza

Diced onion.

cabbage pizza

Round sliced ​​sausage.

cabbage pizza

Put sausages in a bowl, add hot water and soak for about 2 minutes to remove food additives.

cabbage pizza

Put two eggs with a pinch of salt in a bowl. Stirred.

cabbage pizza

Place the cabbage in the bowl. Then, pour the egg on top.

cabbage pizza

Stir evenly.

cabbage pizza


Put some oil in the pan. Pour in the sauteed cabbage.

cabbage pizza

Shape into a circle and cover for about 4 minutes. The cake can be flipped with a plate.

cabbage pizza

Fry in low heat.

cabbage pizza

Drizzle with tomato sauce, top with onion and sausage, and cheese.

cabbage pizza

Put cooking oil around the rim.

cabbage pizza

Cover up.

cabbage pizza

When the cheese is evenly melted, the pizza is done and ready to go.

cabbage pizza

Finished product

Cabbage pizza has the crispy taste of eggs, the cool sweetness of cabbage mixed together. Pizza tastes richer when topped with cheese, onions and sausages. Perhaps this new flavor will make you fall in love, want to try more times.

cabbage pizza

Good luck with this cabbage pizza recipe!

What are the benefits of eating cabbage?

Cabbage is a common vegetable in daily meals. However, not everyone knows the health benefits of cabbage. Regularly adding cabbage to your diet, you can get many effects.

Anti-aging and beauty

Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamins C, E. These substances help produce collagen, support good skin elasticity and limit wrinkles. In addition, the amount of vitamins A and D in cabbage also supports the regeneration process of the skin.

Anti-inflammatory, acne treatment

In addition to supporting skin health, cabbage is also a food that can help treat acne very well. Cabbage is rich in sulforaphane and glutamine. These are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Eating cabbage regularly will help protect the body from diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimer’s disease.

Good for the digestive system

The fiber in cabbage is extremely rich. They help fill your stomach, which will keep you feeling full for a long time. In addition, they also help lower bad cholesterol and aid in blood sugar control. Not only that, the nutrients present in cabbage keep the lining of the stomach and intestines healthy. Helps relieve constipation and other digestive disorders.

With such health benefits, be sure to include cabbage in your diet. For example, the delicious, exotic cabbage pizza described above.

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