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Is saffron a miracle cure for cancer or has a magical beauty effect?

The following article is the sharing of Vietnamese-born Assoc. Prof.BS Tran Huynh (Huynh Wynn Tran), California Northstate University School of Medicine, Sacramento, California (USA) about information related to its uses and precautions when using it. Saffron – one of the expensive spices that many people love to use recently because of rumors about special effects.

I get many questions about the use of saffron. So what is the real use of saffron? Many people say this product can cure cancer, whiten skin, is it true?

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Assoc. Prof. BSc Tran Huynh (Brother Wynn Tran), California Northstate University School of Medicine, Sacramento, California (USA)

What is saffron?

Saffron represents the meaning of a flower with yellow stamens, growing in the west. It has another name as saffron, the scientific name is Crocus sativus.

This is a bulbous plant with purple flowers, only 3 stigmas, mild fragrance, usually only growing in arid regions of West Asia such as Iran and Iraq. Iran is the country that supplies saffron flowers to all over the world. An interesting point is that each flower has only 3 stigmas, so to get 1kg of saffron, 75,000 flowers are needed. So this is really essence and very expensive.

Uses of saffron pistil

According to the medical literature, saffron has many uses, but the two most mentioned are treating depression and reducing memory loss.

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Saffron has only 3 stigmas – this is the part that is sought after for medicinal purposes.

Refer to the information on Pubmed – a reputable website of the US Department of Health, you can see that most of the research articles on saffron posted on this page are published, compared results, but there are few empirical trials. control trials between control groups. The largest study comes from a group of authors in Iran. However, such studies are quite biased – as they come from the world’s largest producer and seller.

There are 8 studies on saffron published in Pubmed, showing that saffron’s positive effects are comparable to those of antidepressants. Anti-depressants, anti-insomnia are common effects of saffron. With dementia, saffron also has the same effect as conventional medicine to treat this disease today.

There are several studies on saffron’s ability to treat itching, weight loss, and diabetes. Controlled studies showed that the disease improved but not significantly.

Overall, I think saffron can have anti-depressant effects, help relieve itching, sleep well, but not cancer cure or skin whitening as many websites advertise.

Note when using saffron pistil

An experimental study on cancerous bone cells (in the laboratory) showed positive results. But with cancer research needs to be in a randomized control group and must be compared with modern treatments.

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Many people drink saffron water (saffron) for healing and beauty.

Currently, saffron is not accepted in the mainstream cancer treatment. Taking any kind of dietary supplement is not a cure for cancer.

When used, saffron can have quite dangerous side effects if taken in excess. Vietnamese people often think that something is good, the more you use it, the better, but that is not the case. Especially when saffron is like an antidepressant with some common side effects such as: dry mouth, nervousness, headache, boredom, vomiting…

If using saffron as a food may be okay, but used as a form of medicine, drinking a lot, over 5g can be poisoned. Even, taking more than 12-20g can cause death.

Saffron is not a panacea.

In summary, saffron can be considered as a form of male medicine, proven in the medical literature, history, mainly used for anti-depressants, useful for memory, has certain effects, has no effect. Used to treat cancer or beautify the skin.

This product is very expensive, so many people take advantage of it to sell fake ones, so people should be careful when buying and need to consult a doctor before using.

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